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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

16 and 17 weeks!

With the holidays I am a bit behind so catching up this week with two weeks in one! :)

16 Weeks - 12.14.13 & 17 Weeks - 12.31.13

Sleep: We had our first night away from home the night before Christmas Eve! She did really well! We brought the pack n play and the tablet to play the same noise she is used to at home. She woke a couple times and needed to be patted back to sleep but nothing different than how she is at home. She gave us a couple nights of only waking once at 5am which was awesome! But has now gone back to a couple wake ups a night. Usually just need to go in and give her a pacifier and pat on the back to fall back asleep. It is a work in progress!

Clothing Size: Almost all 6 months and a few 9 month have made their way in as well!

Favorite Toys/Activity: She was very spoiled at Christmas and got a lot of new toys! She got a few electronic toys that she seems interested in but they also are a bit too much for her at the moment so if she plays with them too long she tends to get very cranky! She still loves her blocks though and will reach for them if they are anywhere near her.

Milestones: Her first Christmas Eve at Disneyland! This was my 25th year doing this tradition with my family and so I couldn't wait to take her! Some people said we were crazy for taking a 3 month old but it was fine. We only rode one ride but she did awesome on it! We did the Little Mermaid and she was entranced by all the stuff we passed! We also did a lot of sight seeing including taking a tour of Sleeping Beauty's Castle! We of course took a ton of photos and I can't wait to go again next year when she will be able to go on more rides :)

She also had her first cold right before Christmas. She had a cough and runny nose. After coughing for a day, we took her to the doctor. They said it was just a cold and at this age you can't do much but saline their nose and use a humidifier. She did not enjoy having her nose sucked but did seem to get used to it. And it did work because after about a week she seems back to her normal happy self! :)

Highlights from the Week: 
  • First trip to Disneyland
  • First Christmas
  • First Cold
  • First time sleeping away from home
  • Babysat by Grandma and Grandpa 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
There are so many from these past two weeks but will have to go with Disneyland. Much like my last post with Santa, I always looked forward to passing on my tradition of Disneyland at Christmas Eve. I was lucky to find someone who loved this tradition as well and wanted to continue it for our eventual family, and this year we did get to enjoy it with out daughter. Just being there and watching her look and take everything in was amazing. I also got to see a new side of Disney with their mother's room which is nice that they offer this! Though I did prefer feeding outside with a cover over the room but again nice they offer this!

These past two weeks I just tried to take in everything I could as I go back to work this week. I can't believe I go back to work in two days! I am going to miss her so much!!! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

15 Weeks!

Can't believe there is only two weeks left until I have to go back to work :(

15 Weeks - 12.17.13

Sleep: Well, sleep got a hit this past week due to my surgery. We had to be off schedule and she also got a bit of a cold so she was not sleeping super well. Last night, she finally outgrew all her swaddles so we had to finally go swaddle free which was sad, scary, and exciting! Not having her arms swaddled did cause her to wake up more but not as much as I thought it would. And this morning after her feeding she decided that she wanted to be a tummy sleeper. It was so cute to go in and see her with her tush in the air sleeping soundly!

Clothing Size: Most all of her clothes are now 6 months. And as I said earlier she finally outgrew her swaddlers even though she still fit in the weight limit!

Favorite Toys/Activity: We put down a rug this week and she loves rolling around on it and playing with her toys. She is now rolls to her tummy from her back no problem and does this almost immediately one she is set down.

Milestones: Rolling over consistently from back to tummy, still not from tummy to back. She is now sleeping without swaddlers. She also had her first visit with Santa this week! She did so good! She didn't smile but she didn't scream either like I see so many kids do. We got a great picture that I will always cherish! Now, I can't wait until she is old enough to be excited for Santa! :)

Highlights from the Week: 
  • Pictures with Santa
  • A full 24 hours on bottles while I had surgery (she did great and went right back to breast which I was very concerned about!
  • Lots of cuddles with Grandma and Grandpa
  • She now does this new talking where she makes an actual constant sound! 
  • Rolling back to tummy instantly 
  • Sleeping on tummy 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
I have always dreamed of having kids and enjoying the fun of Santa with them. This past weekend, I got to have my first moment of that and it was awesome. I know she was too young to realize what was happening but to have her dressed in her santa outfit and getting her picture taking with him was too cute! I also struggled this week due to my surgery I could not hold her for about 3 days and that was the worst! I just wanted to cuddle my little biddle! So when I finally was able to get my cuddles again it was the best feeling and to have her look up at me and smile was just icing on the cake! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013


So, I had my surgery yesterday to have my gallbladder removed. And all I can say is OUCH! So much pain! They make it sound like this surgery is no big deal beforehand, all the doctors were like oh its laproscopic, just three tiny holes, no big deal. Um... It's a big deal! The holes are bigger than I thought they would be and had no idea I would be in this much pain. The worst part is that I can't hold A :(

My mom came up to help and thank goodness because last night I literally could not move without help! Hopefully, tomorrow I start to feel better but they said I won't feel 100% until 10 days!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

14 Weeks!

Time really is going too fast!

14 Weeks - 12.10.13

Sleep: She is fully sleeping in her crib now and for the past week her schedule was a wake up around 3/4 and then again around 8/9! Now that is a schedule I can get behind! And then because she is the best baby ever, slept from 10-6:30 last night!! I am sure that will not be her new schedule but I loved it! :)

Clothing Size: Definitely in the 3-6 month with more and more 6 month making its way into the mix! So crazy!

Favorite Toys/Activity: She seems to be enjoying her pack n play more. But she still really loves her whale toy especially pulling on the crab and starfish! :)

Milestones: Rolling over at night to her tummy (really gives me a scare!). She also rolls back to tummy a lot more during play time. Usually lasts about 3-5 minutes on tummy before she freaks out! I laugh and tell her she got herself that way and to get herself out of it! I know the day is coming soon where she will! She also is sitting up more and more. She still is assisted of course but I can see her building her core!

Highlights from the Week: 
  • Family Photo Shoot at JC Penney
  • More "talking" everyday 
  • Slept longest amount ever during night!

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
Since she has moved to her crib we try and have her nap in her crib as well. But sometimes when she wont go down, I rock her and just enjoy holding her and cuddling her as she sleeps! I love her little sighs and smiles while she sleeps.

Looking forward to Santa pictures this weekend!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

13 Weeks/3 Months!

This week is a twofer! A is 13 weeks old and 3 months old today! She is growing way to fast!

13 Weeks/ 3 Months - 12.3.13

Sleep: A is now fully sleeping in her crib! She is also sleeping more at night most nights. She did 2 nights where she went 8 hours! But I know not to get used to it because last night she was up 4 times so not consistent quite yet! She also has learned to roll to tummy during sleep Whig really freaks me out! And she keeps breaking out of her swaddled but the night we tried to leave one arm out did not go well!

Clothing Size: She wore a lot of 6 month this week! She is just so tall!

Favorite Toys/Activity: She loves to be part of he action. So as long as you ate holding her so she can see out, life is good! Still loves her whale toy as well. And her hands have become a new love of hers! She loves to suck on her fingers!

Milestones: Rolling to tummy at night! And sucking her fingers... Or anything she can get into her mouth!
Highlights from the Week: 
  • Thanksgiving! She had a great time with her ever changing outfits as we had been given three and we already bought one for her too!
  • Long car ride - Drove to San Diego to visit family. Did it as a turn around too so lots of car time! She did great though!
  • Decorated for Christmas :)

Favorite Mommy Moment: "Talking" with her is my favorite at the moment. She gets more and more vocal everyday! She has started to do this squeal laugh that is hilarious and always makes me smile.


You are the light of my life! Even these nights that you don't let me sleep at all, one smile from you and it is all forgotten! You are going to take after daddy I fear and be a wanderer! You just are so alert and want to see everything happening around you! So curious already and I love to watch you as you take it all in! You are growing so fast! Such a big girl this past month moving to your crib. You handled it way better than I did! I bawled like a baby :) not because I was sad but happy to see you doing so well and becoming this beautiful person already before my eyes! (ok I was a little sad too not to have you so close to me!). I only have one month left with you at home and I plan to get all the snuggles, cuddles, and fun I can get each day! I know I will still get that when you go to preschool but only morning and night which I fear won't be enough for me but I am sure like the crib, you will handle it way better than me! We love you more than I thought possible and each day it just grows more and more!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gall... what!

So, when I was about 8 months pregnant, I had this I will call it an episode of extreme pain and feeling and then getting sick to my stomach. I thought it was labor the pain was so bad but it went away after a few hours. I had three more of these while pregnant, each time assuming labor was starting just for it to go away after a few painful hours. I didn't think much of it as I thought it was pregnancy related.

Well, two weeks after having A, I had another episode. WTF, I thought it was from being pregnant. Well, I brushed it off as being from still having pregnant hormones and recovering from the trauma of delivery. I asked my OB about it as I thought it was related. She thought kidney and tested for that which came back negative.

Now, two months after birth, I have had 4 more episodes so finally went to the regular doctor. I explained my extreme pain and got a very concerned face and a why did you not come in sooner followed by an order to go get a full abdominal ultrasound. So, I did that last Friday and just got results...

Gallstones! What?!?! And the doctor said, so it is gallstones, here is number for surgeon to remove it. Call them to get in next week for consultation. Wait, what, surgery! Not cool, not cool at all...

I am happy to finally know what is causing the pain, but very not excited for the prospect of surgery! Hopefully, it can be done in a day so I don't have to spend a night away from A!

And maybe after this my body will finally go back to normal! After delivery complications taking forever to heal and now this, I will have spent my whole maternity leave recovering from something!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12 Weeks!

Whoops, a day late with the update this week!

12 Weeks - 11.26.13

Sleep: Well, she was doing well and for 5 days in a row had decided that 2am was her wake up time and then 6/7am. That was totally doable for me! But then we decided that we wanted to make our life exciting and now was the time to move her to her crib... so sleep has been a little difficult again! But hopefully things will calm down into a manageable pattern again soon!

Clothing Size: Still in 3 month and up! Though I was able to get a newborn skirt on her the other day! That is because she is still pretty skinny so the skirts fit around her waist but any outfit that is one piece needs to be at least a 3 month!

Favorite Toys/Activity: We have a little giraffe that we have on her changing table and she seems to really enjoy playing with that! Plus it keeps her occupied while we change her. She loves to blow raspberries now too, it is so cute!!

Milestones: She moved to her crib this week! I was a mess, literally bawled the first night! I was so sad that she is growing up so fast and moving to the crib but also happy to see her growing up!
She also has learned how to blow raspberries and loves to "talk" to us now too!

Highlights from the Week: 

  • Moved to Crib
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Rolled over for Daddy 
  • Started sucking her whole fist and now fingers
  • Wore her TARDIS onesie for the Doctor Who 50th celebration :) 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
After a few weeks of talking to A and blowing raspberries at her to have her suddenly realize she could do it too was so exciting! Granted it makes her drool way more but when she does one and then we do it back to her she just grins and laughs and it is probably the cutest thing in the world!

Looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up!! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11 Weeks!

New format for weekly updates! I decided to do a letter at her monthly birthday and will do more of an update style for these weekly updates :)

11 Weeks - 11.19.13

Sleep: No consistent schedule yet. Had one glorious night sleeping from 9-5 but then the next night woke up every three hours! I look forward to those eight hour nights!

Clothing Size: It makes me so sad that I am having to pack away clothes! Since, A, is so long she has outgrown some clothes again! She outgrew newborn awhile ago but now it seems she is outgrowing the 0-3. They fit everywhere else on her body but length! So she is officially out of 0-3 and now in 3-6!

Favorite Toys/Activity: We set up her pack and play in the living room this week. She seems to enjoy laying in it with toys. I feel this past week she has really started to play independently with toys which is exciting to see! Her favorite toy though is still her whale for sure! She now really grabs at the toys that hang from the tail especially the crab and starfish!

Milestones: Rolling over! She only did it one time yesterday (11/18/13) but it was so exciting! We have been doing tummy time for a couple weeks now. I have been laying her on her tummy using pillows to help her up. A couple times she has rolled from the pillow on her tummy to her back but I didn't count those as she was up on a pillow.But I think by having that happen it let her know how because after one of those pillow rolling times, I then switched her to just a blanket in her room and she immediately popped up and then pushed and rolled on to her back! I couldn't believe it! I yelled, YAY, and clapped and she just looked at me and smiled like, yup, I am a big girl now!

Highlights from the Week: 

  • Rolling Over
  • First time being watched by Grandma and Grandpa while Mommy and Daddy went on a Date Night for their anniversary (She did so well!)
  • Took a long walk to dinner and back 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
When she rolled over, of course! It is one of those milestones I have been reading about and then to see it happen in front of me was just amazing! 

Date Night

So this past Friday was our 5 year anniversary! Normally, we like to travel to celebrate our anniversary but I knew with A being so little a vacation probably wasn't the best idea right now. So, we decided to celebrate by having a date night! This would also mean our first time away from our princess!

I was really nervous to leave her as the longest I had been away from her was just a little over an hour when I went to the dentist and that had happened just earlier that week! Luckily, my parents offered to watch her so we could go out and enjoy as my Mom is probably the only person I trust right now to watch her. A did cry a bit at first when I passed her over but my Mom got her to fall asleep pretty quickly so I was able to leave a happy sleepy baby and not a crying one!

Since we are such geeks, our date night was to see Thor! And in our normal movie going tradition we got Wetzel Bitz to sneak in! I really enjoyed the movie and thought they did a good job! It was nice to be back out seeing a movie as well since we love movies and used to go at least once a month if not more!

For dinner we decided to try something new, well new to me anyways! We went to 9121Pho. I love Thai and Indian curry so thought this sounded good too. We got two different kinds to split. The chicken curry one was a great flavor but just a little to spicy for me and the beef one was a little to bland. Oh well, it was still nice to be out! After, dinner we headed back home to snuggle our little girl as I missed her! I think I did good though as I only texted 3 times to check up on her! She of course did great and had fun with my parents! So a wonderful night overall and great anniversary celebration!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 Weeks!


You made it to the double digits! Time is going so fast! You had another big week this past week! On Thursday, you had your 2 month appointment! You are so tall, already 24 inches which puts you in the 97%! You also are now 11.7 pounds, which explains why mommy's back has been hurting more! You also had to get your first vaccines, which you did not like! It was one by mouth and 3 shots :( You cried during shots and daddy calmed you down. Then once we got home you fell asleep on mommy for a bit. You seemed ok until about 6 that night and then cried in pain! Mommy and daddy took turns rocking and comforting you until you finally fell asleep at 10! The next day you were back to your happy self!

Then on Sunday was your baptism! You wore daddy's gown from when he was baptized, mommy's shoes I had gotten from my grandma, and then a new bonnet your grandma got for you! You looked beautiful and did so well! You fell asleep before the ceremony and woke up right when the pastor put the water on your head. You almost cried but looked at daddy and just stared at him the rest of the time we were up there! You even gave a little smile during the prayer! Then everyone came back and to our house for dome lunch and to stare at your cuteness some more!

You have started to smile and laugh a lot more which is so fun! You also have moved into a large size diaper as newborn didn't fit anymore. These are a little too big now but you don't seem to mind. You are still found about 5 hours of sleep at night which is great!

Coming up this week is mommy and daddy's anniversary and will be your first time away from us! Not for long though, just for a movie, and you will be in the capable hands of grandma! I will probably freak out more than you! We love you so much our little Biddle!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wrap it Up!

My daughter loves to be held! She rarely sleeps unless she is held. Occasionally, she will go in her swing but even then only 30 minutes. Luckily, at one of my showers, I got a Moby wrap! This thing is a lifesaver! She will actually sleep on the wrap and I can accomplish things too, like eat! At the moment I only use the newborn hug hold since she is so small but look forward to other wraps as she gets older! Having the wrap makes it easier to go out as well as baby is comfy and people tend to not touch her which I like. I still get freaked when people touch her out as I don't know where their hands have been! Now, there are a few downsides to the wrap. It takes time to put on which is no fun when baby is crying and is long so it can drag on the ground which is dirty! To me it is well worth it despite those few cons but to make travel out a bit easier I have been looking into an Ergo baby carrier! This is a soft structured carrier that is much easier to put on and off and daddy can wear it too! Either way a wrap/carrier is my must have baby item! Plus, it really helps the back and that's always a good thing!

9 Weeks

As I write this you are currently in my arms asleep. This seems to be one of the few ways you will actually sleep and while it means I get nothing done, I am just enjoying snuggling with you! This week was a big week for you! We had Halloween and you dressed as Minnie Mouse! You were the cutest Minnie I have ever seen! We went to my work to visit and show off your costume! You did so good while we were out! We also got really good news this week, you got into the good preschool! I don't want to think about going back to work but knowing you will be there makes it much easier! This week you also celebrated your 2 month birthday! You are growing so fast! You love to bounce and are already trying to push up with your feet! You also outgrew your newborn diapers and we went up a size! I hosted a baby shower for a friend this week so you had fun with grandma! She was able to get you to sleep much better than I ever have! I love you so much, more and more each day and love watching you grow!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

8 weeks

I have seen others write weekly updates/letters and thought it was a good idea. Since this really is for me and this will be a good place to write down and remember for later!

First, I can't believe it has already been 8 weeks! Time is going way too quickly! Plus that means mu maternity leave is half over and I don't want to think about that!

A, I can't imagine my life now without you in it. You always find a way to make me smile, even if its the middle of the night and i am exhausted, one look at you and my heart melts. You have started to play more this past week. Auntie Liz bought you this awesome whale toy and you love to stare at the toys and sometimes even hit them! You have also become a lot more smiley which I love, especially because they seem to be real smiles and not gas related! You seem happiest in the very early morning, clearly you take after grandma and not mommy or daddy! We love you so much! We call you all sorts of names, the most common one is little Biddle. Daddy called you that one day early on and it sort of stuck! We also call you silly pants a lot, you are just a silly girl! Your favorite place to be is in the wrap, nice and close to mommy. The few times we have gone out mommy puts you in there and you calm right down! We haven't ventured out much yet because mommy is nervous to feed you outside. You are very wiggly and it is hard to stay covered up! But we will keep working on it!

loves tummy time and can lift head great!
hates to nap and sleep during day!
had first night of sleeping 8 hours which mommy hopes you do again soon!
first trip to a restaurant - Claim Jumper for grandpa Keith's birthday

Coming up this week:
First Holidays - Halloween!

Love always and forever!

Friday, October 25, 2013


Friday, my favorite day of the week. Friday used to mean the weekend was here and I could go home and relax. Now I am home all day and certainly not relaxing! I love my daughter but it is hard to handle her all day and night by myself. My hubby works long hours so he is home either right before or right after A goes to sleep.

But on Friday, I get to have a break and some sleep because hubby takes the first night feeding! I pump every night  to fill up a bottle but for Friday night! It is so nice to go to bed k owing I can just sleep and not keep one eye open all night listening out for A. Plus hubby then gets that special time to feed her and feel what it is like to wake up in the middle of the night! :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Diapers, diapers everywhere

We made the decision to cloth diaper. Everyone told us we were crazy. Some bought us disposables saying here are some for when you give up on cloth. Hearing all the negativity did make me a bit nervous but I read up on it a lot and felt it was the best decision for us!

Now, I will admit we are cheating a bit because my Mom is awesome and recommended a diaper service. I hadn't even thought of that as I assumed it would be too expensive! Well, I was able to find a local service for only 20 bucks a week! And my Mom who again is awesome bought us the first 5 weeks so we could test it out.

7 weeks in and so far it is going great! We use prefolds and covers because the service provides the prefolds. We have a few different covers and they are all so cute! Right now my favorites are the thirsties covers as they fit A the best!

A loves cloth too. The few times we have used disposables she has been more cranky. I think she has gotten my sensitive skin and so the cotton cloth feels much better on her little bum! Granted it means more diaper changes but it is worth it!

I am worried when she has to go to daycare because the one we have gotten in to (not my top choice) will not support cloth. :( I am just hoping we get into our top choice by some miracle!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So yesterday was 6 weeks since giving birth and tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I filed for SDI (state disability insurance). I have yet to be paid... And Saturday I got a letter saying I won't be paid because for some reason they said my medical records indicate I am able to work and could have returned to work on September 10! WTF! One week after giving birth I was supposed to work... Yeah right!

So I try and fix this Monday. First email my appeal and once I submit I see they won't even review for 7-10 days. So I call my doctor to check with them... Oh wait their benefits person isn't in on Mondays. Ok, I will call SDI and see what I can do. I call get into wait line which last time was twenty minutes. Well this time a voice comes on and says, sorry we have reached capacity call back, and then hung up on me!

So today I will try again. I did speak to doctor and they said they would submit paperwork to say I wasn't cleared yet. We will see... Thank God I had sick time to supplement this so I at least still got paid something from work to pay my bills!

Monday, October 14, 2013


The one piece of advice I got when pregnant was to sleep when the baby sleeps. It sounds like great advice... If only I could follow it!

My little one seems to only want to sleep on me. Which I then can't really sleep. Or the rare cases she does go down in a swing or something I use the time to eat and take a sitz bath which I still need to recover!

Maybe this is all a case of first time mom syndrome. They have been playing those commercials lately of first time mom vs second time mom and I find them to be very true!

You don't realize how much you miss sleep until you get some either. My husband was being very nice and said he would do first night feeding on Friday since we had a bottle of pumped milk in fridge. So I got more than 4 hours of sleep and it was glorious but also such a tease! My body said thank you we missed this and then revolted when it didn't get it again!

Oh well for now I will just keep not sleeping and enjoy the precious moments when I can!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A's Birth Story

It was appropriately Labor Day when I was scheduled to go in. The actual induction would take place the next day but my doctor wanted me in night before for monitoring and cervadril. So, at 7pm hubby and I took our final picture of just the two of us heading to the hospital. We checked in fairly easily and were sent to room 3. I took that as a good sign since 3 is my second favorite number and the induction day was for the third. They hooked me up and then around 8 or so gave me the cervadril. This is not supposed to start labor but just to soften the cervix as mine was not soft yet. Around 11 we tried to get some sleep as we knew the next day our lives would be changing forever!

I woke up and really had the urge to pee. It was around 3am and I called the nurse so she could take me off the monitors so I could go to the bathroom. I was almost there when I felt a gush. I thought I had an accident but found out later that my water broke! Around 5 or so (sadly the details are already fuzzy I should have written this sooner!) the contractions started. They were not bad at first and I felt I totally had this.

I was excited because I didn't need to have the pitocin anymore since I went into labor on my own! Around 6am I got to take a shower and after that I was basically hooked up to the monitor the rest of the time. Around 8 they started to get really intense. They were coming every minute and a half and lasting a minute meaning I only had 30 seconds down time. It was brutal. Going in I wanted to avoid an epidural but knew I might need it. I set a goal of getting to 7 centimeters. Well I finally had enough and called for epidural. The doctor was there to check me but decided to do it after epidural. I wanted him to check so I at least knew how much longer but oh well. I finally got the epidural a bit after 9 thank God as they were just getting worse and worse! Right after I got it I saw on the machine I was having really strong ones and was so happy I couldn't feel them anymore! The doctor finally checked me and lo and behold I was 7 centimeters! I made my goal. That made me feel like I hadn't failed.

Hubby and I then tried to get comfy as we waited. We listened to music, Disney station of course! And but tried to imagine and give one final guess on what was going to happen.

At around 11, they said I was ten centimeters and could push soon! 11:30 my doctor showed and pushing began! Now nurse had told me my doctor had a 12:30 c-section to get to but told my doctor I was a good pusher and it would be ok.

I pushed and pushed. The head showed pretty quickly but then it seemed stuck. They kept pushing me to push and push. A bit after noon my doctor suggested an episiotomy. I was not sure as I had heard to avoid those. My doctor asked again ensuring it would be a tiny cut just to help. I finally agreed. Once she cut I did one more push and out came baby!

The doctor and nurses said they would let hubby announce sex. When born baby was passed to me and they kept asking hubby so what do you see. He said nothing because baby was positioned the wrong way for him to see. The doctor misunderstood and said that's because there is nothing, it's a GIRL! I looked down at her and cried happy tears!

We wanted to do the golden hour where we get baby for an hour to bond and try to feed before any tests. Well I only had her for a few minutes and they took her.

I was to busy staring at my baby to realize what was happening ay first. They kept asking if I was ok and again just staring at my baby trying to ser her from across the room I was distracted. It wasn't until I heard, I need this from the OR that I realized things were not quite normal. Turns out the little cut that I wouldn't notice became a fourth degree tear! I also had started to hemorrhage. It also turns out that I was supposed to get pitocin to help placenta get out but they put med in wrong so instead of going to my IV it went to the bed... Super helpful! So that meant they basically pulled it out. Thank God I got the epidural! I overheard something about 70 stitches and felt like I was on Grey's Anatomy as they counted and double counted the lap pads saying we had 10 and you brought in this many from OR and counted again. Needless to say all their effort to fit me in before her c-section didn't work as they had to work on my for a long time to fix me.

Then they took A away because she wasn't breathing well so hubby went with her and suddenly I was alone. No fun! Hubby was with A and our families were waiting to find out as they hadn't heard any news. My bff arrived just as hubby and A were being wheeled to nursery and told our family. They were trying to mime to hubby asking what the baby was but he didn't say. Then the nurse came to say what happened to me and then said and isn't SHE beautiful! Whoops gave away the secret! Everyone was thrilled though!

Finally, I was wheeled to recovery and after 2 hours apart I got to really hold and cherish my beautiful daughter!


First, i will back track a bit to get caught up to now.

December 5, 2012 is when we did the transfer. I was very nervous as the last two months they had cancelled my transfer so I didn't believe it was actually happening! Luckily it did and they transferred two blasts! Then the waiting began... Which I suck at so I held out until 4dp5dt (4 days past 5 day transfer) and of course it was blank but I thought I maybe saw something. I had been taking it very easy since transfer to give embryos the best chance of implanting. At 6dp5dt it was December 11 and 11 is my lucky number so I said why not I will test and when it says not pregnant I will wait for beta but at least I get testing out of my system. Well I took the digital kind and expected to see not. I finally look down and to my surprise I see PREGNANT! Woo hoo!

We then got the beta results a few days later to find out we were indeed pregnant! Best news ever!

we didn't announce it until valentines day as I was still very cautious and didn't want to say anything until we were out of first trimester.

Which the first trimester sent well. I had some nausea but not terrible. I basically just did not want to eat and had to force myself! But all in all it was good.

 Second trimester also went well. We chose not to find out the sex and keep it a surprise. This got us two reactions - you are crazy and good for you. I found it funny how many people got upset by us not finding out! At our 20 week ultrasound we found out that the cord was marginally inserted. This means rather than being attached at center it was 1cm from edge. So we had to get more ultrasounds which I was fine with! Luckily, it never turned into anything and baby grew just fine!

Third trimester I was finally showing so people would stop asking if I was actually pregnant! I was very lucky and got a nice cute belly and minimal swelling and issues. I kept working up until due date which came and went and no baby! So I kept working until my doctor said no more, you are getting induced! So 11 days after due date, I went in to get induced!

A new little pickle!

So I decided to return to the world of blogging. I had stopped because what I wanted to blog about I wasn't ready to put out there in the world. Basically, dealt with infertility and finally after IVF and and FET we got pregnant! Little miss is now here and I figured blogging would be a goof way to keep track of what is happening in life!

so more to come!