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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

19 Months!

I started this on the actual day, but time got away from me...


This month had a big change in it. You moved to the Toddler Room! You were sad to leave your favorite teacher (Miss Cheryl), but were very ready to move in with the big kids. You seem to be doing well in your new room (better than me!). Though in your first month you got sick by the end of the first week and then had to be out for the next week. Then you returned and got bite by someone! So, it has been an interesting transition! Overall though, I know you are having fun being in the bigger yard and getting to do more activities throughout the day. You also are starting to get attached to one of your new teachers already and have started to ask for Miss Lee. I love when I drop you off and your morning teaching, Miss Miriam, tells me how smart you are! I mean, I knew you were, but it is nice to have a teacher say it as well :)

You crack Daddy and I up all the time. You are starting to get to be a little miss bossy and will now tell Daddy or I to "sit" where you want us too. It is really funny! You are getting much better at communicating what you want with us. And, what makes me really happy, is that you are starting to use please and thank you without us having to prompt you!

You are still funny with your food. Some days, you will eat everything in site and ask for more and more. And then other days, you want nothing to do with food and we have to try everything we can just to get you to eat! You still love your blueberries though and we can pretty much count on you eating those.

This month, you also got really sick :( You got RSV and an ear infection. You were out for a whole week! I felt so bad for you! Daddy and I shared staying home with you and giving you lots of cuddles to help you feel better. I was so happy when your medicine started to work and you were getting back to your rambunctious self! Though, you did pass the sickness on to me which was no fun!

These months are going by so fast, and you just keep growing and growing! I was just looking at pictures of you from a year ago and it is so hard to believe that they are you. You were so little and now you are becoming such a big girl! I love watching you grow and learn and seeing your personality blossom. I just love being your mommy and having fun and reading stories and singing songs with you. You truly light up my life and I love you so much!

Love always and forever,