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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

16 and 17 weeks!

With the holidays I am a bit behind so catching up this week with two weeks in one! :)

16 Weeks - 12.14.13 & 17 Weeks - 12.31.13

Sleep: We had our first night away from home the night before Christmas Eve! She did really well! We brought the pack n play and the tablet to play the same noise she is used to at home. She woke a couple times and needed to be patted back to sleep but nothing different than how she is at home. She gave us a couple nights of only waking once at 5am which was awesome! But has now gone back to a couple wake ups a night. Usually just need to go in and give her a pacifier and pat on the back to fall back asleep. It is a work in progress!

Clothing Size: Almost all 6 months and a few 9 month have made their way in as well!

Favorite Toys/Activity: She was very spoiled at Christmas and got a lot of new toys! She got a few electronic toys that she seems interested in but they also are a bit too much for her at the moment so if she plays with them too long she tends to get very cranky! She still loves her blocks though and will reach for them if they are anywhere near her.

Milestones: Her first Christmas Eve at Disneyland! This was my 25th year doing this tradition with my family and so I couldn't wait to take her! Some people said we were crazy for taking a 3 month old but it was fine. We only rode one ride but she did awesome on it! We did the Little Mermaid and she was entranced by all the stuff we passed! We also did a lot of sight seeing including taking a tour of Sleeping Beauty's Castle! We of course took a ton of photos and I can't wait to go again next year when she will be able to go on more rides :)

She also had her first cold right before Christmas. She had a cough and runny nose. After coughing for a day, we took her to the doctor. They said it was just a cold and at this age you can't do much but saline their nose and use a humidifier. She did not enjoy having her nose sucked but did seem to get used to it. And it did work because after about a week she seems back to her normal happy self! :)

Highlights from the Week: 
  • First trip to Disneyland
  • First Christmas
  • First Cold
  • First time sleeping away from home
  • Babysat by Grandma and Grandpa 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
There are so many from these past two weeks but will have to go with Disneyland. Much like my last post with Santa, I always looked forward to passing on my tradition of Disneyland at Christmas Eve. I was lucky to find someone who loved this tradition as well and wanted to continue it for our eventual family, and this year we did get to enjoy it with out daughter. Just being there and watching her look and take everything in was amazing. I also got to see a new side of Disney with their mother's room which is nice that they offer this! Though I did prefer feeding outside with a cover over the room but again nice they offer this!

These past two weeks I just tried to take in everything I could as I go back to work this week. I can't believe I go back to work in two days! I am going to miss her so much!!!