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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Diapers, diapers everywhere

We made the decision to cloth diaper. Everyone told us we were crazy. Some bought us disposables saying here are some for when you give up on cloth. Hearing all the negativity did make me a bit nervous but I read up on it a lot and felt it was the best decision for us!

Now, I will admit we are cheating a bit because my Mom is awesome and recommended a diaper service. I hadn't even thought of that as I assumed it would be too expensive! Well, I was able to find a local service for only 20 bucks a week! And my Mom who again is awesome bought us the first 5 weeks so we could test it out.

7 weeks in and so far it is going great! We use prefolds and covers because the service provides the prefolds. We have a few different covers and they are all so cute! Right now my favorites are the thirsties covers as they fit A the best!

A loves cloth too. The few times we have used disposables she has been more cranky. I think she has gotten my sensitive skin and so the cotton cloth feels much better on her little bum! Granted it means more diaper changes but it is worth it!

I am worried when she has to go to daycare because the one we have gotten in to (not my top choice) will not support cloth. :( I am just hoping we get into our top choice by some miracle!