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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GroVia Cloth Diaper Review

I have mentioned the GroVia diapers a in a previous post about using cloth diapers at daycare. We are now 6 months in of cloth diapering and GroVia are by far my favorites! I love them so much!

They are an All in Two product which means they have a cover and an insert that snaps in (awesome!). I like these systems the best as you can reuse the covers multiple times! I have used their covers, prefolds, biosoakers, stay dry soaker pads, and organic cotton soaker pads. So, a lot of their products! Here is a breakdown of each item:

Covers: These are my favorite covers (ok I will stop saying favorite as it will get redundant!). I love the prints they have as they are so adorable. Drift and Poppy are probably the cutest of a very cute bunch! I don't have the older prints and really want to find some to add to my stash. I also like how easy they fit on A. One of the fastest covers I have to put on. And as A has hit her very wriggly, I want to roll all over the place, phase, having a cover that I can easily close (aplix) is fantastic. I also like the mesh lining covering the TPU. I find that they breathe better than my covers that have exposed PUL or TPU. I usually only need 1-2 covers a day as well!
Poppy, Drift, and Pudge Prints!
Stay dry soaker pads:  The stay dry part is super soft! I find that these also hold a lot and are very trim. The fact that they just snap right into the covers is so amazing and again make those changes much faster and easier. These also tend to dry a bit faster than the organic cotton soaker pads. And they do not seem to stain as easily.

Organic Cotton Soaker Pads: I love these one the best. Just like the stay dry they fit right into the covers. I like that they are organic cotton against her skin. They do stain easiest out of all my diapers but I just put them in the sun to dry and like magic, the stains are gone! They do also take longer than others to dry but again the sun helps with that. I also feel that these hold a lot more in them than other inserts that i have. The gussets also help keep any of her poos from getting out (stay dry also has gussets).

Bamboo Prefolds: I had a service for the beginning of our cloth diaper adventure (where I fell in love with the GroVia covers) so when we decided to go it ourselves I wanted to try GroVia prefolds, too. I only have a handful as we only use at home (daycare does not like prefolds) but they are so great! They are softer than the cotton prefolds we used with the service. They seem to hold a TON! I can padfold them into the covers when I need to do a quick change, or do the jelly roll fold and snappi it shut when she is calmer and will sit still enough for that! I got size 3 (Infant Long) which was just above her weight but wanted to use them longer and haven't had any issues with them being a bit bigger. I just fold the back down a bit and we are good to go!

Biosoakers: These are the disposable inserts that you can use in a cover when needed. We don't use these often as it is so easy to just use an actual soaker pad but when we have used them they worked great. My only suggestion is to not pull the sticky part off and just lay it in the cover. I  didn't have any issues with it moving around by not be attached and the sticky part was too sticky in my opinion. We are taking a vacation this summer where we will be flying across country so planning to use these for our trip!


Cost: The covers are around $17 and the soaker pads are between $17-19 for two of them. So, they are a bit pricey but the covers can last for more than one change which helps with the cost. The ease of use also makes it worth while for me!

Trimness: I find these to be very trim! The only item that I would consider bulky would be the prefolds and that is because I got the bigger size. If I am using either of the Soaker Pads, they are one of my trimmest diapers. She is able to fit in clothes no problem and I have not had to go up a size because of these diapers.

Ease of Use: I feel I covered this already, but these are super easy to use! Snap in the Soaker Pad, and put on baby! I can do this one even with all her flipping and wriggling!

Overall: I think the GroVia system is the best one. My daycare also loves them which just adds to my love for them. In fact, the first day I brought the soaker pads in rather than prefolds, when I picked up A, they sought me out to say how much they LOVE the new diapers. And then another day, I overheard them telling a mom whose son has bad diaper rash to consider my diapers! Such a big change from our first days diapering with them! I would highly recommend this diapering system!

Update 1.10.15 - Now 16 months into cloth diapering and GroVia is still our number one go to diaper! I have also added Grovia's Kiwi Pie fitted and wool to my stash and they are also amazing! And my daycare still enjoys them as well :) End Update