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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

15 Weeks!

Can't believe there is only two weeks left until I have to go back to work :(

15 Weeks - 12.17.13

Sleep: Well, sleep got a hit this past week due to my surgery. We had to be off schedule and she also got a bit of a cold so she was not sleeping super well. Last night, she finally outgrew all her swaddles so we had to finally go swaddle free which was sad, scary, and exciting! Not having her arms swaddled did cause her to wake up more but not as much as I thought it would. And this morning after her feeding she decided that she wanted to be a tummy sleeper. It was so cute to go in and see her with her tush in the air sleeping soundly!

Clothing Size: Most all of her clothes are now 6 months. And as I said earlier she finally outgrew her swaddlers even though she still fit in the weight limit!

Favorite Toys/Activity: We put down a rug this week and she loves rolling around on it and playing with her toys. She is now rolls to her tummy from her back no problem and does this almost immediately one she is set down.

Milestones: Rolling over consistently from back to tummy, still not from tummy to back. She is now sleeping without swaddlers. She also had her first visit with Santa this week! She did so good! She didn't smile but she didn't scream either like I see so many kids do. We got a great picture that I will always cherish! Now, I can't wait until she is old enough to be excited for Santa! :)

Highlights from the Week: 
  • Pictures with Santa
  • A full 24 hours on bottles while I had surgery (she did great and went right back to breast which I was very concerned about!
  • Lots of cuddles with Grandma and Grandpa
  • She now does this new talking where she makes an actual constant sound! 
  • Rolling back to tummy instantly 
  • Sleeping on tummy 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
I have always dreamed of having kids and enjoying the fun of Santa with them. This past weekend, I got to have my first moment of that and it was awesome. I know she was too young to realize what was happening but to have her dressed in her santa outfit and getting her picture taking with him was too cute! I also struggled this week due to my surgery I could not hold her for about 3 days and that was the worst! I just wanted to cuddle my little biddle! So when I finally was able to get my cuddles again it was the best feeling and to have her look up at me and smile was just icing on the cake!