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Friday, April 4, 2014

7 Months!


I know I have said this every month, but my goodness is time flying! I can't believe you are already 7 months old! You are really coming into your own now and your personality is shining! It is so amazing to watch as you grow more and more each day. You are really keeping your daddy and I on our toes with how active you are! This month you learned how to clap your hands, which I must say is one of the cutest things ever. You also are now a pro at crawling and you also decided that crawling was not enough for you and can now stand! As soon as we put you on the ground you immediately crawl over to something that you can climb and use to stand up. You love to stand in your crib now, too. Which can be really cute unless it is bedtime! You are "talking" more and more as well, and I think I may have even heard your first "ma" noise! I know it is not in relation to me yet but it is still nice to hear. You have also started eating real food this month! So far you have had: Avocado (slight rash), apples, peaches, pears, and sweet potato. We need to start adding some more veggies into you diet! You have been a great eater though and love everything we have given you so far and always want more!

We took your 6 month photos and they came out so amazing! They really did a great job of capturing all aspects of you! I can't wait to print them and put them up on our wall!

Your are such a happy girl (unless it is bedtime :)) and when I pick you up at the end of the day and you give me that big grin and laugh of yours, it just makes me day! You have the best smile! You don't have any teeth yet and I think I will be a bit sad when you do finally get teeth as I love your little gummy smile that you have! You just have the biggest grin and your whole face lights up, and if you are really happy, your whole body will shake too! It is the best thing to see!

You did not sleep super well this past month. You used to sleep until 5am but this past month I was lucky if you would make it until 3am! Some nights you woke multiple times or would wake early and not go back down and just cry. It has been a bit tough, but I just remind myself in these moments that these moments will pass so quickly and I just try and enjoy these midnight snuggles with you. Besides, who really needs sleep anyways! :)

You had your first St. Patrick's Day this month and wore a super cute four leaf clover outfit. Not too much else for this holiday but wearing green is pretty good!

We have done a couple hikes which you still love and this month, I carried you on my back for the first time! You really loved that! You could see better and just looked around at everything, and then when you got tired, you just laid your head on my back and went to sleep. It was a great hike and I loved having you so close to me! :)

I love you my baby girl, more than I could ever imagine loving someone. You truly are my sunshine and brighten my day, everyday! Daddy and I are so thankful that you are in our lives and that we get to be your parents. Until next month! Love always and forever!