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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not a morning person

I am so not a morning person. This week everyday but 1 I have to get up before 6am. Now I follow a rule that I should not be up before the sun and this week I have had to break this rule! This makes for a very cranky girl! I especially do not get the very Perky morning people. How can you be so happy before the sun is even up! I just don't get it! I used to be a night owl but lately 10pm has been late! I feel I am an afternoon person. I love a good warm afternoon and a great sunset. To me that is the best tome of day! I will leave the mornings to the morning people!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Modern Family

So last week's second episode of Modern Family was a little close to home. One of the major plot points was that Claire has to always be right. While watching my husband looked over and told me how that was so me!

Now just like Claire said, "I would love to be wrong, but I don't live with the right people for that."

Actually, it is more like at the end where she said it is a sickness. I can't help myself I just need to prove that I am right! I know I got this from my mother who also has the need to prove herself right. Yet, when I was with her this weekend and they were all making fun of me about having to always be right (and calling me "bossy" the name given to Claire as a nickname) I tried to point out to my mother it came from her. She disagreed and we argued over who was right.

My husband then pointed out that we were fighting over who was right about being right... point taken!

Whether it be a sickness or the company I keep I just can't help it. But hopefully like Claire was at the end of the episode (and not the middle when she told everyone to suck it) I can be gracious when I am right and not rub it in their face like she did with Luke... though I will probably have more "suck it" moments but its a work in progress :)

Claire proving she was right by showing the video footage  from the store where  Phil made her fall.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am normally very particular about who I let borrow books. I have one friend at work who we swap books all the time and she is aware of sacred books are. One day when I was getting a book back from my friend her office mate asked if she could also borrow it. Now she had just seen me get the book back from my friend and the person asking is also someone I work with a lot and I did not want to be rude so I said yes... that was a major mistake!

My first mistake was the fact that it was my first edition hard back of The Hunger Games. I normally never lend those type of books out but my friend who again understands the sacredness of books was worthy of borrowing it because I knew she would return it in a timely manner and keep it safe.

So I lend the books to the other coworker and some time goes by...

I am in a meeting in their office again and the coworker says - oh someday I will finally read your books but my mother and daughter took them first... WHAT?!?!!?!?! It took all of my self control to not jump up and go bat s**t crazy! You lent MY book to OTHER people!! WHAT!!!!??!

So after some time when I had calmed down I decided I needed the books back ASAP as I could not handle it anymore. You do not take my books for a month and then never read them but lend them out to other!! So I email and say I need them back because my husband wants to read them (which is true).

She tells me oh... I lost The Hunger Games... WHAT!!?!?!!?

First off she didn't tell me she had lost it. Second, she said she had a paperback she could lend me if my husband wanted that... UM I do not want a paperback I WANT my FIRST EDITION book back! So I keep it together and say he doesn't need the paperback... she says she will order a new one...

Time passes and I got super crazy at work and did not have time to think about it.

Yesterday, she walks into my office with a hard cover Hunger Games book. Oh the book I ordered for you came in and then my daughter found yours so here ya go.

I wait till she leaves and then check... yup first edition! whoo! I will never loan a book again! (Rant over :))

Ok I did already because someone at my husband's work asked and he told her the story so she wants to prove her worth. So I lent a book I do not care if I get back and she actually returned it in a timely manner... so we will see about giving another!

Lesson: Do not give First Editions and only lend to those you trust! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Wow last week was such a crazy week I had no time to blog! Hopefully after all the craziness of last week this week will be much calmer.

It has now been a week since I have taught my first class. I was so nervous beforehand and it felt just like the first day of school, which it actually was, but now on the other side! Would the students like me, respect me, listen to me, learn from me? I questioned myself the whole walk over to the class. Once I got there I realized I was the only one there. I had a panic attack and double checked the classroom location... no I was in the right place and right time and day... waiting... waiting... finally at 7pm on the dot two students showed up. Phew sign of relief I was getting very worried that my nightmare of no students showing up was going to be true!

After about 5 minutes the rest of the class showed up and I began. This class is also interesting because I have a student who is blind in my class and so I was nervous that I would have forgotten to provide something to her or my information would not be compatible with their software but luckily everything worked out!

The class went by in a blur and suddenly it was over! I couldn't believe it I had just taught my first class and the students were all great and we got into discussions and they didn't even balk about the extra assignment I gave!

It was actually on quite a high when I left the classroom that night and felt so good and accomplished. This was a goal I had for myself for ages and now I am actually teaching. Granted it is just one class at the moment but it is a start :)

Looking forward to my next class now!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So this past weekend has been a whirlwind tour of Southern California! I had a friend from Australia come visit who I haven't seen in 5 years and who has never been to the US! So I took my job as tour guide very seriously and packed in as much as I could for her to see! It was an awesome but very tiring weekend!

It was also so great to actually be a tourist in my own city. I did things I had never done before such as seeing the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, and Santa Monica Pier.It was nice to actually see these tourist areas and some like the Griffith Observatory were amazing and I have no idea why I had never been before!

It was also great to do stuff I had done before but was made more exciting by being with someone who had never been! Disneyland is a place I have been to at least a thousand times. I love Disneyland and growing up 5 minutes away I was there constantly but being there with someone for their first time was such a cool experience! I made her get a First Visit button and she was just so excited by every little thing we did. They have some theme parks in Australia but nothing that compares to how all out Disney does it with the themes, musics, rides, and food! Luckily it was not crowded at all when we went and were there for a full day until midnight and I think we got on almost every ride! It was such a great day and gave me even more appreciate for Disneyland!

I also found it entertaining what amused her. She was so entertained by our restaurants and all the choices we have on a menu! Also the fact that almost all our drinks are free refills and they are huge to begin with always got a wow from her when we were out. I think what cracked me up the most though was how excited she was when she saw squirrels! We have them all over the place here and they do not have them at all and every time she saw one it was a squeal and an Oh LOOK! I had never really paid attention to squirrels but her excitement made me realize they are pretty cute and appreciate what I have in my own backyard!

Overall a wonderful visit that went way too quickly! Hopefully it will not take 5 years until I see her again!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vaccine Part 2

So I finally told my sister in law last night that I was not going to get the vaccine. She was not very happy but I am not going to back down from my decision. I have looked at the research and nothing says that I need to have it. I respect their decision to not let me into the hospital to see the baby as they are the parents and if they want to make that rule they can. I respect that and they need to respect my decision. Thanks for those that commented. Everyone I spoke to said not to vaccine including friends who just had babies as well so not that I needed justification but I feel justified in my decision!

Next week will be interesting though as we will see what happens when the baby is actual born!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


To Vaccine or not to Vaccine... that is my question. My sister in law has texted the family twice now demanding that we get the Whooping Cough Vaccine. The last text she sent said she needed confirmation of our vaccine, whatever that means. Now I personally am not a fan of vaccines. I never get the flu shot one and only get them when my doctor says I have to do it and I only do it then because basically I am already in the office and have little choice (yes I know I do have a choice but it is hard to say no to the doctor).

I also do not cope well with being demanded to do things. It wasn't like she asked us nicely to get it or told us anything about the vaccine. She just said you have x amount of time to go get it. Oh and if you do not get it you are not allowed into the hospital to see the baby.

Since she did not provide any reason for me to get this vaccine (other than the threat of not being able to see my nephew) I did my own research. Everything I have read stated that the parents and the caregivers should get it. I am neither in this case. I will be an Aunt and will see the baby maybe once a month. In fact the baby will see the people at church more than they will see me... and I do not think she is telling the whole church to get the vaccine. I also have spent time around a 13 day old baby and a month old baby and neither parent was worried about me not having been vaccinated. This is will be their second child and we did not need to get the vaccine for the first child...

So, maybe I am being ridiculous in not wanting to get the vaccine but I don't. Unless my doctor tells me too I do not feel inclined to get it. Now, again I might have a different opinion if we were approached in a nice way by saying why we should get it and how they would appreciate us getting it as they were concerned for their child... but instead I just got a demand which doesn't make me want to follow through at all. Also, by not getting it I know I will cause serious drama within the family because everyone else will just do it. I do not want to cause drama and have my in-laws dislike me but I also do not want to just cave and go against something I disagree with.

So to vaccine or not to vaccine... that is my question.