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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

21 Months!


I am sorry, I missed your 20 month update. May is a busy month and suddenly it was June! But, you were amazing as always, so don't worry! :)

You crack me up on a daily basis! The facial expressions and comments you make are just hilarious. I swear, every time I turn around, you have learned a new word. You really enjoy being silly and then saying, "Look at me! Look at me!" until we look at you and tell you how silly you are! You have also started to say, now, mine, and go away. So, we are working on manners and being nice as well. Though, I am still very proud because more times than not, you will say please when asking for something and thank you, once you have gotten something. There are still many times when you are having full conversations, but I just do not know what you are saying. Often times, this comes with much finger pointing to get a point across. I just nod my head and say, oh really, wow, and hope that was the appropriate response for what you were saying!

You really love your dolls as well and usually have at least one stuffed animal in your bed with you. You also still use your pacifier at night and ask for you blankie. Though you don't see to care what blanket it is, as long as you have one. We are working on slowly taking the pacifier away, but will probably wait until your molars have all come in before officially taking it away. You also really enjoy coloring and we now have crayons all over the living room.

My favorite activity you do though is reading. You LOVE to read and it makes me so happy! We have to read at least two books a night, though you always try for more. Actually, you have become quite the distractor when it comes to bed time. You will do anything to delay bedtime. Most nights we will cave and read a third book, just because we love to read to you!

You are also so smart (and while I am biased, your teachers tell me all the time how smart you are so I know it is true!). You are starting to say your colors, you will count to three (though you still occasionally like to skip two and go right to three!), you can name all the princesses (another proud mommy moment), and can name most animals and the sounds that they make. And that is just the stuff I can remember at the moment!

You have become quite the picky eater though, and I wish you would go back to eating most foods! All you want to eat now is cereal, granola bars, fruit snacks, and luckily all fruit. So, basically, you have fruit for meals and then we attempt to get you to eat the rest of whatever it is. Lately, you have been starting to eat sausage, so we have been making that, but it is still hit or miss. You do not like pasta or potatoes (so sad as I can make those easily for dinners!) and you will rarely eat vegetables. I even eat my veggies, to be a good example, and you still do not (which to be honest is quite annoying!), but we keep trying. Hopefully, you will decide to eat a variety of foods again!

You are now sleeping most nights from 8pm-7am. For some reasons you seem to know when it is the weekend and wake up earlier and I wish you would sleep in a bit more on those days! You also have now had a cough for what feels like two months. It is usually only at night and we keep trying things. I put the diffuser in your room and that helps, but it only runs 4 hours, so I have to replace it in the night because as soon as it stops, you cough again. So, I am finally buying an 8 hour one (which I should have done awhile back!). Hopefully, the cough will go away. Some have said it is allergies, others that it is still lingering from your cold awhile back, but who really knows. If it doesn't get better soon, we will go back to the doctor. But, during the day, you are happy and healthy and no issues whatsoever!

You have also become a big fan of Disneyland (you really know how to make your mommy proud). A could weeks back, you walked up to me and said, I am going. I asked you where you were going to and you said, I am going to Disneyland (so proud). So, a couple weeks later we took you! You ask to go all the time now, and luckily we have passes so we can go. You LOVE the Tiki Room, and when you get your big girl room this summer, it will be a Tiki Room! You seem to be happy about that decision as whenever we ask you about your new room, you get very excited and tell us it will be a Tiki Room. So, hopefully, when you do move, it goes smoothly! You are also a big fan of It's a Small World and will now very cutely, sing the song! It is probably the most adorable thing ever. I really need to record it!

Actually, you have been doing a lot of singing and dancing lately, and it is just too cute! You also "hop" which is adorable. You can't actually hop, but do more of a skip type movement, but you say "hop hop" every time you do it in the sweetest voice! We have also started to try and do more walks at night (to help tire you out) and you seem to really enjoy those. Hopefully, we can keep up with doing them.

Lastly, you found out that you are going to be a big sister! I know you do not really understand what that means yet, and you still have 5 months until the baby arrives, but I know you will be a great big sister! I am sad that we are going to lose this one on one time with you, but know that seeing you with your baby brother/sister will be so amazing and I know you will love them so much. You already say "nigh nigh" to the baby and sometimes "hi" to the baby in the morning. It melts my heart every time. So, these last 5 months that it is just us though, I am going to truly cherish and soak in as much, Aurora time as possible. I know you won't even remember this time as you get older, but we want to make it as special as possible as we are in our last months as a family of three.

Love you always and forever, more and more each day,


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

1st Beta and Ultrasound

So, I had my first beta on Saturday and it came back at 157! So, I am officially pregnant! :) I am thinking it is just one as Aurora's beta was 147 and this is only 10 more than that. But, I will have to wait 3 more weeks to find out for sure how many are in there!

Had our ultraound! I was right and it is just one perfect little bean in there. I am still in shock that it worked the first time! I mean, last time we did FET, it did work the first time and that is how we got Aurora, but it was two years until that happened. This time, a call to start, did meds, no canceled cycle, no lining issues, just straight to transfer! And then this! So happy and our official due date is 11/7/15!


In the IVF world that means 6 days past 5 day transfer (the embryos were frozen 5 days after retrieval). This was when I got my first positive with Aurora, so I chose this to be my first test day this time around. And... it worked! The Wondfo tests that I bought from Amazon were terrible. It showed a maybe hint of a line after 5 minutes or so. But, I can't take just one test, so I had also done a Clearblue Digital and that showed in very clear words - Pregnant! So, now I just need to wait until Saturday to get the official blood beta test results!


I wrote these while happening, but didn't want it "out" in the world so saved them until ready to announce.

After much discussion and debate, we decided we were ready to try for another baby! This time around it was so much easier. No two years waiting and wondering what was going on. This time, we knew we had frozen eggs, and so when we were ready, we called up and started our FET cycle! We started our cycle on January 25th. For the first time in the whole year of fertility issues, a cycle went completely smooth (we will see if it works or not though). I got my blood taken and amazingly did not need to go on birth control and could start my meds right away. This time I even got to take estrogen as a pill and not as a shot! Then each appointment went well and all looked good. At my third appointment, I had a minor worry as the nurse did not tell me to up my dose from last time, but shockingly, I was still ok! So, on February 19th, I went in and had my transfer! They transferred two blasts. It was really cool because this time we got an ultrasound picture of them in my lining! We saw them go right where they belong. So crazy to see the very beginning of process that most people don't get to see. Gotta find a bonus in this infertility stuff!

So, now the long wait to see if it works. This is the worst. I hate waiting! 10 days to go...