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Sunday, November 6, 2016

One year!


A whole year old, I can't believe it. This year flew, as I knew it would. I still can't believe it as I can vividly remember going in to have the embryo transfer that created you, and then that positive test that confirmed you were going to be with us, and finding out you were a boy, and then heading to the hospital for the c--section, and of course, the moment they lifted you up and I saw you for the first time. All those moment all feel like just yesterday. And now, here you are, a one year old, who loves to run, smile, and babble away!

This has been such an amazing year, tough at times as you still haven't slept through the night, but amazing. You are our happy little dinosaur. We are constantly stopped when we are out because people come over to talk to you since you are waving and grinning at everyone. Your preschool even nominated you as President of the class, because they call your Mr. Personality. :)

This past month you had your last first holiday which was Halloween. You were the Beast. Your sister wanted to be Belle, so we all dressed the party. I know there will not be too many more years where we can do that, so since you didn't seem to have an opinion on the matter, you were the Beast and the most adorable Beast I have ever seen!

You still love pretty much every food we have given you. A few things like green beans, you haven't loved, but for the most part you eat it all :) You have started to really love bread and potatoes though, which makes me happy as those are my favorites! Your sister doesn't love potatoes, so I am happy I can share it with you!

You are now running all over the place and trying to climb EVERYTHING! You are keeping us on our toes for sure. You love to explore and wander and make lots of noise as well. You also really love birds. You get so excited watching all the birds outside. It is fun watching you take in the world.

You are also babbling up a storm and "talking" a lot more now. You can say Mama, Dada, Aurora (rora), ball, and more (the word more). The rest at the moment just sounds like babbling, I know you think you are saying things, and soon enough, that babble will turn into words.

Sleep - this is the one area that you just do not want to do. Between being sick and teeth coming in and us trying to get you to sleep, it just isn't happening. Right now you are up 2 times a night. I pray you start to sleep soon as I do worry about my sanity sometimes! :) I know you will get there and sleep when you decide you are ready.

I am so thankful for this amazing year with you. I love you more and more each day my little dinosaur. I look forward to watching you grow and become a toddler this coming year and see more of your personality come out.

Love always and forever,


Friday, October 7, 2016

11 Months!


How is it possible that you will be one in a month! Where did this year go! You are becoming such a big boy now. The biggest item this past month is that you are now WALKING! All month you worked up to it, you started to take a step here and there early on, but your first official steps where you took 3 in a row was on September 23. And you have taken more and more each day. Now you look like a little zombie when you walk as you hold your hands out in front of you. It is so cute!

You also love to eat ALL the things. You are our eater for sure. You have loved everything we have given you. We already have to get you kids meals, as you are eating so much at a time. You seem to really love bread in any form, so I think you will be like Mommy and a carbaholic :)

This month we also went Apple picking which was so fun! You loved looking through the trees and trying some apples. Now that you have 6 teeth, you are able to eat more things. Which these teeth all came in a flurry. It was rough for awhile while they came in, but you were great about it! I think more are on their way, so we will see how you handle it.

As also went to the beach this month and it was the first time you really played with the sand and saw the water. Last time you slept through it all in the carrier! You seemed to really love it, so I look forward to more trips as your sister loves it as well.

The one area we are still working on is your sleep. You still wake up a minimum of two times a night. I know you will sleep someday, I just keep praying it is sooner than later.

You are such a joy. This is what I hear constantly from the teachers at your school. Everyone comments on how happy you are. It makes me so happy to see your big grin and when you wave at everyone. And your laugh is such a sweet sound! I hope you keep this happy demeanor as it is infectious and just makes everyone around you happy as well!

You are also starting to say a few more words. Daddy and I swear we have heard you say: Ball, Aurora (rora), more, dog, and of course mama and dada. You are constantly babbling, so I know soon enough the babble will start to take on more words as well.

I love you always and forever!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 Months Old!


Sorry, a bit late this month! But, better late than never, right? :)

This past month was the month of teeth! You went from almost no teeth to 4 teeth and two more on the way! It was a bit rough, but even when I could tell you were in pain, you kept that happy smile on your face (in between crying). I pray that after these two, you get a break, because it has been a tough month!

You are a mover and shaker! You get very cranky if you do not have the ability to run (or crawl). You are very quick with your crawling, but you also are taking more and more assisted steps. You are not as fast that way though, so you tend to switch back to crawling pretty fast. You are also a climber, I cannot turn away for a second, otherwise you are climbing up on something! I know the first steps are not far behind, and soon it will be running, and I will be chasing you and your sister everywhere!

You LOVE your food. You have eaten pretty much anything we give you. And you want more, more, more! I crack up at meal times all the time as you now like to bang on the tray and then wave your hand toward you as if saying, more, mama, more. And a few times, it sounds like you are even saying that! Your favorite at the moment though seems to be blueberries, and bread, you love bread. Anytime we give you something you like, you will drop whatever is in your hand, to pick it up. So, we have to slowly hand food over!

Sleep - elusive sleep. You almost got to sleeping through the night, and then the teething started and that ruined everything. So, hopefully, once the teeth are in and you have a break from that, we can get back on track with sleep, and maybe even sleep through the night?!!

You are a happy boy and love to wave at everyone walking by! You are mister personality. Everyone comments on how happy you are and your big smile. Now, you have started to do this little booty dance, which is just too cute!

I love you always and forever my little dinosaur!


Monday, September 19, 2016

3 Years Old!


I can't believe it, but somehow you are now 3 years old! I still vividly remember leaving for the hospital to have you as if it was yesterday, and now I look at your smiling, mischievous face and don't know how the time went so fast!

You are such a clever girl. I know that we are going to be in big trouble when you are older! You are already a master manipulator and are a pro and finding ways to get what you want. Just the other day, we told you that you couldn't bring a toy into the car. You took that and said ok. Then 5 minutes later, you said that you needed to bring the toy because Orion was crying and this would make him happy. So, clever, but we saw through you! Sometimes, we give in, like when you ask for another story at bedtime. Which you also found a work around. I would tell you, only two books tonight. I would read two books and turn off the light, you then ask for one more story, but with my voice. Clever girl again! :) I love watching how you find these ways around and watching your mind work.

I LOVE that you love to read. It makes me so happy seeing you sitting with a book looking through it. You are getting better at pointing out different letters. You tell us the all time that you can't read yet and are sad about it. So, we are working on it and I bet by the time you are 4, you will have some words down :) You also love going to the library and the bookstore, which are the best stores, so we go often. I love watching you choose your books, you like a wide variety so it is fun. I can't wait to start sharing some of my favorite books with you! :)

You are very verbal. So many people comment to us on how verbal you are. You crack me up with your stories that you tell, and especially all your hand movements! You are very expressive! At the moment, you are very big into putting your hands on your hips, which looks hilarious. You also tend to be a bit of a nark at school telling the teachers anytime someone doesn't listen. Which, on one hand I am happy you are following the rules, but I do worry for the future as kids don't tend to like being told on! We will see how this unfolds! You can now count to 20, say the alphabet, and sing lots of songs! You love to sing and dance. We just signed you up for dance and I can't wait to watch you!

It seems you have gotten my palate for food and therefore really hate vegetables. We try and try, but you refuse. I can't really blame you as I don't like them either, but I eat them or your benefit, so hopefully you will eat them soon. You are also the slowest eater ever! I thought I was slow, but you are like a bird just pecking at your food. Most meals, we have to remind you multiple times to keep eating, please eat, just one more bite, so on and so forth. We will see if this is just a phase or not!

One of the very exciting things you did this year was master the potty! Yay! We put you in pull ups early in the year and you did great with it! We could have switched you out earlier, but we had a big vacation and were worried so we kept you in pull ups a bit longer. But, once you made the switch to underwear, you went all in and declared you were a big girl and have rarely had an accident. Only two that I can think of and both times you were very distracted and knew you needed to go, but didn't want to leave what you were doing. You also have had only one at night time, which is also amazing. We are so proud!

You also have quite the fashion sense! I am not sure where it came from as it wasn't me! You love shoes and picking out your dresses and socks. You are very opinionated and your clothing choice each morning is one area you like to assert your self. We just let you wear whatever you choose as I don't care if you match or not, but you usually do and are really good at choosing outfits. Dresses are your favorite as you love to look pretty you say.

This year for your birthday, you were very lucky and had 3 parties. You said it was because you were turning 3, and I told you this year only! You first celebrated in your preschool class with Popsicle and you got a book for a present. You loved everyone singing and of course getting to have a Popsicle! Then, we took you to Disneyland for your birthday and you had Uncle Justin visit as well as Auntie Liz and Grandma and Grandpa! You were so excited! You rode Autopia with Uncle Justin and then a lot of rides with Auntie Liz! And then on your actual birthday, we had a party at the Library Park and had Rapunzel come and visit. You were in heaven. When she walked up, your face just lit up and you were in awe that she was there. It was so worth it for that right there!

I love you my amazing, bright, beautiful, clever girl! I can't wait to see what this year brings us. I know it will be an amazing adventure as everyday is an adventure with you! :)

I love you to the moon, the stars, and the planets, always and forever!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

9 Months!


Oh, my happy boy, you bring such joy to our lives! It feels like you have always been a part of our family and yet, I also feel like I just found out I was pregnant with you! ❤

You are an adventurer. You want to go and look at everything. You are on the move at all times! You have mastered crawling, pulling yourself up, and walking along things. You love to climb on anything you can, especially things you shouldn't. We have already had to lower your crib to the lowest level because you were climbing so much!

You also love to eat! Anything you can get your hands on, you want to eat it. One day, I found a leaf in your hand that you were happy to attempt to eat. You are very fast, so we have to watch you like a hawk as you find things we can't even see! So far, you have loved everything we have given you. You are for sure not the picky eater of the family!

You finally got two teeth this month! Your bottom two teeth came in a day apart from each other. Teething was rough was for you, but you made it through. You just need a few more to come in and then a wholenew world of food can be introduced!

Sleep... Oh sleep... you still do not sleep through the night. We got really close and you were doing only one wake up at night, but then your teeth came in. Now we are back to 2-3 wakeup per night. I know you will sleep someday and then I will moss the time with just you and I rocking, but today, I want sleep :)

You make each day better. I am constantly told by the teachers at daycare how awesome you are and happy you are. I love picking you up and seeing that big grin of yours! And I swear you have said Mama, but no one else has heard it, so we won't count it just yet, but when you do, it will be amazing.

Love you always and forever my little dinosaur ❤❤


Friday, July 8, 2016

8 Months!


These months are flying by so quickly! So quick in fact, that I missed writing about month 7!

You are an absolute joy! I hear this from everyone, including random strangers that we see when we are out. Everyone loves the joy that just pours out of you. Even when you are sad, you still have a bit of a smile on your face. You are just my happy boy and I love it. My favorite though is that now you light up when you see me after I have been away at work. It is the best! Though, you also have now started to cry when I walk away, which is just heartbreaking!

You are also quite the mover and shaker. You are a pro at the army crawl and are SO fast! You have done a real crawl a couple times, but the army crawl works for you, so you seem content with that. You are also a climber. Anything you see, you try and climb up and over. This also has lead to you standing while holding things as well, and occasionally, when we hold your hands, you take a couple steps. Just testing it out, I think we still have a couple months before you actually take a step, but we will see!

You LOVE food! You have loved pretty much everything we have given to you. And you get upset with us if we do not feed it to you fast enough! We are trying to find more things you can feed yourself as well, as you enjoy that. You don't have any teeth yet though, so it is had to find things soft enough to give you. You do love the teething biscuits that we give you and the bananas and avocado. I keep waiting for your teeth to pop through as you act like they are coming, by gnawing on everything, but so far still just a cute gummy smile :)

You are still not sleeping through the night. We are working on this. At this point, I would just be happy with one wake up a night instead of the 2-3 times! Though, your schedule did get a little crazy due to our vacation, so we are working on getting back to it!

This past month you had a big adventure! We went on a family vacation to go to Auntie Liz's wedding and then to Disney world! It was your first time on a plane and you did really well. You just wanted to see everything and check out everyone. I was really impressed. You also LOVED meeting all the characters at Disney World. You gave them the biggest grins, it was so sweet to watch you interact with them, though you did try and eat Aladdin and Mickey's fingers! They thought it was hilarious! It looks like you are going to be a good traveler like your sister, which makes me excited for the family adventures that await us!

You also had another holiday occur, which was the 4th of July. This was a special one, because last 4th of July was when we found out that you were a boy! It was so crazy to think that a whole year has passed now since we found that out. It was so much fun playing in the pool (which you loved) and then seeing the fireworks (which you also loved) and just enjoying being together as a family.

I love you my happy dinosaur so much! You bring such a joy to our lives that I didn't know until you arrived was missing. I am so happy and feel so blessed that I get to be your Mommy.

Love you always and forever!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

6 Months!


Happy half-birthday! I can't believe it has already been half a year. I know I say each month that the time is just flying by, but it really is!

You are such a happy boy! I love when I pick you up at the end of the day and you are just all smiles and your cute squeaky laugh. It is the best sound!

You are now officially sitting up. You started sitting up a bit more about 2 weeks ago while leaning on your hands, but last week, you decided you were just going to sit straight up and didn't need the support any more. You also are a pro at rolling both ways (front to back took awhile for you!) and you also love to spin yourself in circles. Your daycare teacher tell me that they think you are going to crawl very soon!

You do not have any teeth yet, but I expect to see some soon. You have begun to put EVERYTHING into your mouth lately. We have had to be really on top of your sister to make sure she doesn't hand you anything as you just immediately put anything you get into your mouth. We have started some foods and so far you have loved everything. You are getting oatmeal almost every day. We have also done homemade applesauce that Daddy makes for you as well as homemade sweet potatoes. You have gobbled it all up! I don't think you will be a picky eater!

Your sleep is still a bit all over the place. You wake anywhere from 1-3 times at night. There were a couple weeks this past month where you would wake up and then be WIDE AWAKE and not want to go back down. It would take us 2+ hours to get you back to sleep! Luckily, that has passed and hopefully does not come back! The past week you seem to wake between 1-2 and then again between 3-5am and then up around 6:30-7 for the day. We are going to start working on stretching that first wake up to be not until 3 and then only wake up again at morning.

You already had your well appointment and are coming in at 17.5 pounds! My little chunky monkey! You are also 26.5 inches, though you were very squiggly when they tried to take the measurement, so they don't think it was quite right. We will see what our measurement says when we measure you tomorrow on our wall :)

I love you my little dinosaur! You bring me such joy and happiness! I love watching you interact with the world and begin to figure things out. This week we handed you a tambourine and you thought it was the best thing ever! You also LOVE your sister and she LOVES you! And I love watching you both together. It is so sweet.

I love you always and forever!


Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Months!


This month seemed to be the fastest of them all! I know it is because I am back at work and now juggling work with you and your sister, but still, it just flew by!

You are just one happy little man! You almost always have a smile on your face. If I am ever in a bad mood, I just need to look at you and that smile makes me feel a million times better. I hope you are always this happy and smiley!

You are officially a roller now! You only like to roll though from your back to your stomach. You really don't seem concerned with rolling from your tummy to you back! Which is funny, because all the books say that tummy to back comes first, but what do they know! :) You are also quite the inchworm and can turn yourself to get to toys that you want. You have also started to do some sort of yoga pose where you get up on your hands and on the tips of your toes, almost like a downward dog move! I know soon enough, you will get those knees under you and start crawling!

You are still quite the eater. You still feed every 2.5-3 hours during the day. Though we are working on stretching that to 3 hours. And at night, you go about 5-6 hours for the first stretch and will wake anywhere from 12-2am for first feed and then back up between 3-5am. We will be starting oatmeal this weekend, and I have a feeling you are going to love it!

This was your first full month at daycare as well. You seem to be doing really well there. All the other kids are much older, but you seem to find them entertaining which is good. I brought in your rock n play sleeper for you to sleep in as you did not like their cribs. You have been doing much better ever since!

You continue to be very amused by your sister and she just loves to make you happy! I love watching the two of you together and just know that soon enough, you both will be playing together and conspiring shenanigans!

I love you my little dinosaur or as I usually say, my little man (which your sister now likes to call you as well!). You light up my world and I love you so much!

Love always and forever,


Monday, March 14, 2016

2 and a half years old!


You amaze me each and every day! I cannot believe that you are now two and half years old. It still feels like you were just a baby to me. And yet, you are now talking full sentences and have no problem telling daddy or I what you think! You feed yourself, are starting to dress yourself and basically have just become this little person over night.

I am so happy that you have continued your love of books. If we would let you, you would read 100 books each night before bed! But, that was taking too long, so we had to cut down our number of books :) Though you have gotten sneaky lately and will have us read you books and then once the lights are off for bedtime, you then ask for a story. You love to have us tell you Goldilocks and the 3 bears, The 3 little pigs, and Hansel and Gretel. You like to chime in as well with what happens next in the story. It is so cute when you do The 3 Little Pigs and do the Huff and Puff part and the chinny chin chin part. If I could read to you all day, I would!

You also seem to be taking after your daddy, and have grown an appreciation for playing board games. You seem to really like the cupcake game and you also like to "play" with some of daddy's games. I know he is so excited to be able to play games with you!

You found a new love as well, and that is Paw Patrol. You have become obsessed with Paw Patrol. So, we have watched that a few times! At the moment your favorites are Everest and Skye. You still enjoy watching Sofia the First as well. You have also started to want to watch some of the Classic Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Bambi, and Dumbo. I loved it when one night, you decided you wanted to get dressed up as Belle, and put on her dress. Then you came out fully decked out and requested to watch the movie. As that is one of my favorite movies, I loved watching you enjoy it! I love being able to share my love of Disney with you!

You also got to move up to the Preschool last month! You are SO excited to be in Miss Cheryl's class. Daddy and I had to convince the school that you should move up, but luckily, they realized how ready you were and agreed. So, the beginning of February, you officially moved to the preschool. You love being able to go on walks and field trips to the Fire Truck that is on campus. You are also with you friends again, which makes you happy. Ryder seems to be your best friend, though you guys seem to go back and forth each day on if you actually like each other or not! You also like to play with Ellie, Miles, Paul, and Layla. You are also doing the Tumble Bee Bus at school once a week. You LOVE being on the bus and playing and learning how to do monkey bars. I am so happy that they bring this to the school for you to enjoy!

You light up my world, Aurora. I don't get as much time with you as I used to, but I love our time each night when we go to bed. It is one of my favorite parts of the day, laying there reading you books and watching you fall asleep. I know I stay in your room longer than I should, but it is the only time I get with just you and I cherish it! I love you to the Moon and Back and always and forever!


4 Months!

I am very late this month as I went back to work and life has gotten a bit crazier!


And here we are, another month has flown by! This month I just tried to soak up as much cuddle time with you as I knew my leave was coming to an end. I did have to go to some meetings already at work, and you just came along with me! Everyone doted on you and just wanted to play with you!

You continue to be such a happy boy! I love to see your cheeky grin! And boy do you have some cute cheeks :) You also have this adorable little chuckle that you do. Started to get out of the squeaky sound and closer to a laugh. Either way, it is adorable!

Sleep seems to go back and forth with you. Some nights you will only wake up once (though these seems to be less and less...) and other nights you wake a ton. I would like to go back to when you only woke up once, and I know you will get there. You are still in the bassinet by our bed, and the time for you to move to your crib is quickly approaching. I will be very sad when you are in your own room as I like having you by my side. But, I know it will be better for you to be in your own space and get used to your own room.

You are still an eating machine. You go about 2.5-3 hours between a feed during the day. We are working on stretching you closer to the 3 hour mark though! You also at the end of the month, started to get bottles consistently now that you are in daycare. I was nervous a first as they said you were not taking the bottle, but by the end of the week you had it done!

So, the big thing this past month was at the end and you starting daycare. I, of course, cried as I will miss our days together. But, I know you will have new friends soon and will love it there. Plus, you are so close by that I still come and see you everyday at lunch time :) I am very blessed that there is an on-site daycare!

You are also getting close to rolling over. You actually did roll over one-time, but haven't done it again. You are very good and getting yourself on your side, but just don't make that next little roll. I know you will get there though! You are quite the move though as you will wiggle yourself and get yourself where you want to be. Looks like a little inchworm going around!

Your sister is probably your biggest fan! She is always trying to make you happy. It is so great to watch you two together. You just light up when you can see her. I can't wait to continue to watch your relationship grow.

I love you so much my little chunky monkey! You make me so happy and I just love being your Mom! I love you always and forever!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

3 Months!


I was just looking at pictures from your birth. It does not feel like it was three months ago that I finally got to meet you! They always say times goes so quickly, and it seems to be going even faster this time around. You have also grown so much already! You have gained 6 and a half pounds already. I didn't measure your height today, but last month you had grown 3 inches from birth, so I figure you have grown at least another half inch as your clothes are now getting tight!

You are such a happy and smiley boy! I love to make faces at you and watch you grin. You are also starting to do a real laugh now which is adorable! You are also doing so well at tummy time and just pop your head right up. No rolling over yet, but you do like to wiggle yourself around and toward toys or me. I call it the inch worm move because that is basically what it looks like!

You are sleeping pretty well, most nights you have two wake ups, which is not bad. A couple of nights you have slept till 4am which has been awesome! Hopefully those nights become more frequent as Mommy like her sleep! :) You nap fairly well during the day. We had construction this week and that disrupted your pattern. When it is quiet, you do quite well at the Eat, Play, Sleep routine. Though, to get you to sleep, I do have to bounce you on an exercise ball! Someday we will break that habit! I don't mind it too much though!

You love to eat as well! Usually during the day you eat every 2-2.5 hours. Ocassionally, you will go three hours, but not often. Slowly we will work on lengthening that, but for now I will take the time and enjoy it. You eat so fast anyways, it is not much cuddle time to begin with!

Your big sister loves you so much and is constantly trying to hold you or play with you! You love her too, as you always light up when you see her! I can't wait to watch your relationship grow and hope you become great friends!

You have added so much joy to our lives, I love you more each day! I look forward to each day and watching you look at the world with your new eyes. I love you always and forever!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Don't blink, if you blink you will miss it. In just the blink of an eye, somehow my little baby girl has grown up and become a big girl. Today she started preschool! Technically she is starting early but all her friends move up to the Preschool in January but because she wasn't two and a half yet they left her behind in the toddler room. She was ready, we knew she was ready, her teachers knew she was ready, and so we went and talked to the director who agreed that she was ready for the big girl class! She was so happy this morning when I dropped her off and got to take her to the big girl yard. She immediately ran over to show me the new music toys and found her friends and I just sat there and watched her and couldn't believe that my baby girl is such a big girl now!

Also in the blink of an eye, she is finally potty training. One day she just decided she was going to do it and that was that. So we have about a full month now of her fairly consistently using the potty. We still have a few accidents here in there but overall during the day she tells us when she needs to go and she is good to go. I finally packed up her diapers yesterday and realized she was not going to be in them ever again. It was very sad but at the same time so exciting as I watch her continue to grow and become this amazing little girl.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


So, we finally took the plunge and decided to have our master bathroom renovated. It looked like an old lady grandma bathroom, with blue and pink tile and wallpaper not only on the walls, but also the ceiling, yes the ceiling.

We got three quotes, we picked a guy, and I was feeling so optimistic. Then it started. Now, I have watched my fair share of HGTV shows, so I expected some issues. But, seriously, it has felt like each day has been one issue after another. And of course these issues all cost money...

Now, I know when this is over I will be so happy with the final product and the fact that I can actually shower in our bathroom as we haven't been able to in two years. But being in the middle of this, just not very fun. I just pray that we start to get more wins and no more issues arise...

Oh look, the project manager is here, let's see what he has to say now...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2 Months!


Happy two months my little chunky monkey! You are now already 12 pounds and 13 ounces and 23 and a half inches! You are quite the growing boy! You did awesome at your appointment today as you had to get 4 vaccines! You cried when it happened but calmed down pretty quickly and then just wanted to cuddle after which was just fine with me!

You are also becoming a good sleeper which really makes me happy! You were doing 11-5 and then we decided to start a bedtime routine for you at 8pm. This took a few days for you to get the hang of but last night was your best night yet!

This past month was one full of celebration as it was Christmas time! We did the Santa Train and you met Santa. You also went to Frozen on Ice which was really more for your sister, but you seemed to enjoy it. You had your first visit to Disneyland for our traditional Christmas Eve visit! We then celebrated Christmas at our house. And finally, New Years was night two of your new bedtime and you did not want to miss out on the fun of the holiday and refused to go down!

You are generally quite a happy little boy and give me lots of smiles now and your little squeaky laughs! Especially during diaper changes where I can get a lot of smiles out of you!

We are slowing getting into a routine. You are still eating about every two hours which is fine by me as long as you keep sleeping at night :)

Your sister is constantly loving on you and anxiously awaiting when you can play with her! I know it will be here sooner than I think!

I love you always and forever!