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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Worst Mother

So, I feel like the worst mother every. I was playing with Aurora and lifted her up and swung her around from her hands. Now, I know not to do this, I have even told my husband not to do this, so I do not know what possessed me to do it. So, I set her down and she suddenly starts crying and saying ouchie.  She was holding her wrist and so I put some ice on it and she seemed to like that. She stopped crying and we sat and read books and she kept making sure that the ice was on her wrist. I noticed though that she was not moving her arm. I tried to distract her and then get her to move it and she would move her hands and could lift her arm. By this point, it was past her bedtime and she started to get really cranky and asking for nigh nigh. So, we put her pajamas on and I rocked her and she fell asleep. I was worried about her but as she seemed to fall asleep, I assumed she was not in pain. I also knew we had her 18 month check up early the next morning and I could ask more about it then. Well, when she woke up, she wasn't moving her arm. We again got her to pick things up with her hand, but she wouldn't lift her arm up. I was in a panic and thought I had broken her and felt awful. So, we head to the doctor.

Apparently, she had what is called, nursemaid elbow. Basically, her elbow tendon had popped out of place. And I know officially feel like the worst mother. The doctor had to pop it back in which was very loud. Aurora cried, but only for a minute and then was using her arm as if nothing had happened. I was so relieved! The doctor said this is very common and to not feel bad, but I still do.

Lesson learned, never, ever, swing a kid around by their arms/hands!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

18 Months!


A year and a half year's old! Already halfway through another year. They always say time flies, but I never knew how true that statement could be!

You had a big change this month as you had your last day in the Infant room and officially moved to the Toddler room. You were very ready for this change though, so I know you are going to do just fine in your new room!

You also learned a new skill this month - singing! It is so adorable! At the moment you will sing along to Let It Go, from Frozen, and It's a Small World, the song from the ride. You also are dancing a lot more and ask to watch Elsa. I love seeing you get into the music and hope you appreciate musicals and Disney as much as I do :)

Your talking also continues to grow. You have become quite the little parrot and we really need to start watching what we are saying! Some words you say are clear as day and then others I still need to decipher (such as what sounds like pot pie to me really means pacifier). And then of course you sometimes go off on your own Aurora language that I have not been able to interpret at all!

We can see that you are going to be tall as you are the youngest in the class now, but you are one of the tallest. You are wearing starting to wear 2T clothing already and many of your 18 month pants are turning into capri's for you. It is time to do another closet clean out!

You are also quite the mountain goat as daddy would say, as you are now climbing on everything! You can get up on the couch on your own and try and climb pretty much anything that you think is climbable. It is fun to watch, but also scares me as some places should not be climbed!

You are very fearless in some areas (such as climbing), but are still a bit shy around people. Especially, if we are in a large crowd, you tend to hang back with my until you understand the situation. Once you are comfortable though, you join in with full gusto! I am curious too see if this is a stage or if you will be shy as you get older.

I look forward to watching and seeing what you learn and do this next month! I have never felt greater joy that watching you, reading with you, and now singing with you. I love you with my whole heart always and forever!

Love always,