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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gall... what!

So, when I was about 8 months pregnant, I had this I will call it an episode of extreme pain and feeling and then getting sick to my stomach. I thought it was labor the pain was so bad but it went away after a few hours. I had three more of these while pregnant, each time assuming labor was starting just for it to go away after a few painful hours. I didn't think much of it as I thought it was pregnancy related.

Well, two weeks after having A, I had another episode. WTF, I thought it was from being pregnant. Well, I brushed it off as being from still having pregnant hormones and recovering from the trauma of delivery. I asked my OB about it as I thought it was related. She thought kidney and tested for that which came back negative.

Now, two months after birth, I have had 4 more episodes so finally went to the regular doctor. I explained my extreme pain and got a very concerned face and a why did you not come in sooner followed by an order to go get a full abdominal ultrasound. So, I did that last Friday and just got results...

Gallstones! What?!?! And the doctor said, so it is gallstones, here is number for surgeon to remove it. Call them to get in next week for consultation. Wait, what, surgery! Not cool, not cool at all...

I am happy to finally know what is causing the pain, but very not excited for the prospect of surgery! Hopefully, it can be done in a day so I don't have to spend a night away from A!

And maybe after this my body will finally go back to normal! After delivery complications taking forever to heal and now this, I will have spent my whole maternity leave recovering from something!