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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12 Weeks!

Whoops, a day late with the update this week!

12 Weeks - 11.26.13

Sleep: Well, she was doing well and for 5 days in a row had decided that 2am was her wake up time and then 6/7am. That was totally doable for me! But then we decided that we wanted to make our life exciting and now was the time to move her to her crib... so sleep has been a little difficult again! But hopefully things will calm down into a manageable pattern again soon!

Clothing Size: Still in 3 month and up! Though I was able to get a newborn skirt on her the other day! That is because she is still pretty skinny so the skirts fit around her waist but any outfit that is one piece needs to be at least a 3 month!

Favorite Toys/Activity: We have a little giraffe that we have on her changing table and she seems to really enjoy playing with that! Plus it keeps her occupied while we change her. She loves to blow raspberries now too, it is so cute!!

Milestones: She moved to her crib this week! I was a mess, literally bawled the first night! I was so sad that she is growing up so fast and moving to the crib but also happy to see her growing up!
She also has learned how to blow raspberries and loves to "talk" to us now too!

Highlights from the Week: 

  • Moved to Crib
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Rolled over for Daddy 
  • Started sucking her whole fist and now fingers
  • Wore her TARDIS onesie for the Doctor Who 50th celebration :) 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
After a few weeks of talking to A and blowing raspberries at her to have her suddenly realize she could do it too was so exciting! Granted it makes her drool way more but when she does one and then we do it back to her she just grins and laughs and it is probably the cutest thing in the world!

Looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up!!