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Monday, October 13, 2014


It is amazing how one syllable can mean so much. Aurora has been saying Dada for a long time now, but for some reason, has not wanted to say Mama for me. She has said it in the past, but never for me. Usually, she was just saying noises, or more recently, for milk. But, on Saturday, when I went into her room when she woke up in the middle of the night, I turned on the nightlight, she looked at me and said, Mama! She looked right at me, said it, and got this big grin on her face. I about melted right then and there! It was probably the best feeling ever, I didn't even mind that I was awake in the middle of the night (for the 357th night in a row...)! The fact that she recognized me and then actually called me by name (and happily!) was just amazing. It was funny, because when she said it, I actually jerked a bit because I was so shocked at what I heard. It was one of those times where I wish life had a tv remote (they made a movie about that once) and I could go back and rewind it, just to make sure I actually heard it! Even without rewind, I know it happened (or I guess it could have been a dream, I was half asleep) and am counting it, and so happy about it! :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

13 Months!


I decided that I would keep doing these, even though we are now past your first year (so sad!)

I still can't believe that you are already one year's old! And you looks like such big girl now! You are very independent as well. You do not like it when we try and feed you or do things for you, you want to do everything for your self! It is exciting to watch you as you figure things out, and then the joy you have when you do figure something out, is so amazing! The facial expressions you have been making lately have been so adorable! You have this face you make, that I will not be able to accurately describe, and of course, you never keep it long enough for me to catch a photo, but its this look of shock and awe you get when you hear the keys in the door and know Daddy is coming home, or you see something like a bird, that is just the coolest thing ever to you. I just love to see that face, because I know it means you are happy and excited and learning.

We listen to Disney on the way to and from school each day (and I really need a new CD because I have now heard the same 10 songs over and over!), but you are starting to clap along and the other day you even tried to snap with the music! You have also started to dance and will purposefully go hit one of your toys that makes noise and then dance to it. So, super cute!

Dada, that is your favorite word at the moment. You will wander around saying it over and over again. Unless you want food, then you say Dad do, which for a long time we though was you saying dad do something, but then your daycare teacher told us she realized it was Thank you! Every time we hand  you food, we say thank you, so you learn good manners, which you associated with, if I say it, I get food! So, now we are working on please!

You also are an outside, rough, and tumble kind of girl! We have been working on being gentle with you, as you have a tendency to hit when you get excited. You also have been hitting the babies at daycare, which we really need to stop. You have been having a lot of fun with your classmate, Paul though, as he is also a rough and tumble kind of guy! I watched you two play one day and you were like two little puppies rolling around and wrestling with one another!

Coloring has become a new activity for you. I am shocked at how well you sit and color! Granted, it is all scribbles, but still, impressive! You will switch up your colors, and just go to town on paper (or the ground when we give you chalk)! So, we may have an artist in the making!

We also started the slow weaning process and switching to milk. We started you on Coconut milk, which seemed to go ok, though you don't like to drink your milk from your sippy cups yet. Then, this past week we switched to regular whole milk to see if you would be ok. I was worried about it because you had issues when you were just born, and I went off milk and you seemed to get better. You seemed ok on it, but were getting rashes at the end of the day, and the Thursday you came home with a horrible rash! I felt so bad! So, I stopped the milk and finally it cleared up. So, back to just breastmilk for now, and then will go back to coconut milk for a while.

Your smile and your laugh are the best things in this world and you are starting to laugh and giggle a lot more, which just makes like so amazing! We love you more than words can say and you have made our life the best!

Love always and forever!