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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

11 Months!


Ugh, how did we get here, 11 months, already! That means we are one month away from you being ONE! How did my little baby girl get to be almost one! I am so not ready! But, at the same time, each day is so exciting!

You have really grown so much this month! It is really amazing to watch you and how you just take on the world! You are now running, walking is too slow for you, that you now run everywhere! You hardly fall anymore either, you basically, see what you want and run to it. My favorite thing you do, is at the end of the day, when I pick you up, I crouch down, and you will run to my arms and give me a hug! It is the BEST feeling in the world. I love that you now hug! Such an amazing feeling! You also say Mama and seem to use it for me! I didn't think it really meant me when you said it, but the other day I asked where was Mama, and you looked at me and pointed. Oh, and your personality is showing to, the look you gave me, I could just hear you say, duh mom, you are right there! You have also gotten so giggly and smiling and you just love to play! Your favorite game is peek a boo! You will now go and "hide" somewhere and then poke your head out. This makes you laugh and laugh! You also love to say, uh oh, bubble, mama, dada, and it sounds like mama but have realized it is actually your version of more. It also appears that you have your own language as you are constantly babbling but I just have been able to translate yet!

You still LOVE your food! You still love your fruit and not so much your veggies (really do take after me!) but also enjoy the bread and other foods we have given you! You also really like to feed your self and have even fed yourself with a spoon a few times! You are doing better with the sippy cup as well. We have tried a few different ones and you are slowly getting the hang of it.

Sleep, oh what can I say about sleep. You do not sleep through the night. I have become ok with this though. I know one day you will sleep through the night. And at first, I will be happy to be getting sleep, but then, I know I will be sad that I don't get the precious cuddle time with you. Because, you see, right now, you are so active, and adventurous, and curious, that you don't want to stop for cuddles. But, at night, all you want is cuddles to help you go back to sleep. So, I will enjoy my cuddles and the sleepy pats and gazes that I get at night.

We love you so much! It is true all those cliche things that I read about how your heart grows more each day. It is so true because each day I love you more and more. I just look at you sometimes in amazement that you are here and how blessed we are to have you in our life. You make both mine and your daddy's lives so much better, we are better because of you, and the joy you bring to us, oh so much joy, I cannot completely describe it to you. Thank you for being such an amazing and wonderful daughter and make us the happiest parents! We love you always and forever!