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Saturday, February 6, 2016

3 Months!


I was just looking at pictures from your birth. It does not feel like it was three months ago that I finally got to meet you! They always say times goes so quickly, and it seems to be going even faster this time around. You have also grown so much already! You have gained 6 and a half pounds already. I didn't measure your height today, but last month you had grown 3 inches from birth, so I figure you have grown at least another half inch as your clothes are now getting tight!

You are such a happy and smiley boy! I love to make faces at you and watch you grin. You are also starting to do a real laugh now which is adorable! You are also doing so well at tummy time and just pop your head right up. No rolling over yet, but you do like to wiggle yourself around and toward toys or me. I call it the inch worm move because that is basically what it looks like!

You are sleeping pretty well, most nights you have two wake ups, which is not bad. A couple of nights you have slept till 4am which has been awesome! Hopefully those nights become more frequent as Mommy like her sleep! :) You nap fairly well during the day. We had construction this week and that disrupted your pattern. When it is quiet, you do quite well at the Eat, Play, Sleep routine. Though, to get you to sleep, I do have to bounce you on an exercise ball! Someday we will break that habit! I don't mind it too much though!

You love to eat as well! Usually during the day you eat every 2-2.5 hours. Ocassionally, you will go three hours, but not often. Slowly we will work on lengthening that, but for now I will take the time and enjoy it. You eat so fast anyways, it is not much cuddle time to begin with!

Your big sister loves you so much and is constantly trying to hold you or play with you! You love her too, as you always light up when you see her! I can't wait to watch your relationship grow and hope you become great friends!

You have added so much joy to our lives, I love you more each day! I look forward to each day and watching you look at the world with your new eyes. I love you always and forever!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Don't blink, if you blink you will miss it. In just the blink of an eye, somehow my little baby girl has grown up and become a big girl. Today she started preschool! Technically she is starting early but all her friends move up to the Preschool in January but because she wasn't two and a half yet they left her behind in the toddler room. She was ready, we knew she was ready, her teachers knew she was ready, and so we went and talked to the director who agreed that she was ready for the big girl class! She was so happy this morning when I dropped her off and got to take her to the big girl yard. She immediately ran over to show me the new music toys and found her friends and I just sat there and watched her and couldn't believe that my baby girl is such a big girl now!

Also in the blink of an eye, she is finally potty training. One day she just decided she was going to do it and that was that. So we have about a full month now of her fairly consistently using the potty. We still have a few accidents here in there but overall during the day she tells us when she needs to go and she is good to go. I finally packed up her diapers yesterday and realized she was not going to be in them ever again. It was very sad but at the same time so exciting as I watch her continue to grow and become this amazing little girl.