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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Colorado Kid vs Haven

So I finished reading “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King last night. I was a bit disappointed but to no fault of the book. My problem was that I read the book because I started watching Haven last year on SyFy and really enjoy the show. I saw it was based on the Stephen King book and thought great! The way the show is set up they talk about the past and “the Colorado Kid” and it is a big event that happened. So I assumed (which yes I know what that makes me…) that Haven was like a sequel of the book and continuing where the story left off. I was curious about the back story so I decided to read it.

So that is what happens when you make assumptions… you can be very wrong! And usually I do a bit more research to find out about these things but in this case the book was already on my Kindle so I started to read it. It has nothing to do with Haven at all! Even the name of the town is not called Haven. It does not discuss troubles in the town and the only similarity is that there are two elder gentlemen who run the local island newspaper. But other than that “The Colorado Kid” is about an unsolved mystery that is still unsolved. No one knows what happened and you follow along with the characters as they try and figure out  the mystery. Now had I just picked this book up with no knowledge of Haven I probably would have been intrigued by it but going into thinking I was getting a back story on Haven and then not getting it did leave me a bit disappointed. Oh well!