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Friday, March 17, 2017

3.5 Years!


Oh my goodness, how you have grown! I look at pictures from just a year ago and you still looked like a baby/toddler. You still had your pacifier with you and I could see my baby. Now, you are such a little girl. It is truly amazing to watch you and listen to you. Daily I am amazed by what you say and do.

Right now, you have the most amazing imagination. You have created this whole other world that you share with me daily. You have created a palace, that lives between the human world and the unicorn world. You tell me that a boy who is so old (because he is 4) named Connor Lucas lives there and he takes care of your unicorns. Because, of course, you have many unicorn pets in a variety of colors and sizes! This world you have created has so many details to it that you share. And, my favorite part is that when you are happy with Daddy or I, you will tell us that we are on the list (to get into your palace) and if you are mad at us, we are off the list. I truly hope you keep this creative side of you as it is so wonderful!

You also are so clever and smart. Your teachers are constantly telling me how clever you are. The other day, one of the teachers who only works the afternoons, asked when you would be 5. I looked confused and then said she is only 3. He thought you were going to kindergarten next year as you were so ahead of your peers. Apparently, you decided to be the teacher and had all the kids sit down and you taught them science class. The teacher had to come over and tell the kids to run around because they had been sitting so long, listening to you! You then took that as a cue to turn your class into ballet class, so it was active! If you are already doing this at 3, I can't wait to see what you accomplish when you are older!

You have really gotten into dance lately as well. You love to listen to music and just get up and dance now. It is really cute, if we are eating out and you hear a song you like, you just get up and dance. I also hope you keep this and just dance! Your face just lights up and I can see how happy you are.

You have also become quite the fashion diva. You refuse to let us pick your clothes out. You have to do it and you usually prefer dresses over anything else. At the moment, your look, as Daddy describes it, is bag lady look. A lot of layers, crazy prints together, and all sorts of things! I love it and think it is hilarious and am just fine if you keep this your style!! Much better than  super short skirt and crop top!

You are also an amazing big sister. You are so sweet (usually!) to Orion and are always trying to take care of him. Each morning at daycare, you ask that I put him down so you can walk him to his class. You grab hold of his hand and you both walk down the hall and it truly is the sweetest thing. The teachers have told me that they normally don't let siblings stay in the classroom, but they let you, because you actually play with Orion. You try and hold his hand when we are driving, and calm him down when he is crying. We have been going through a lot of renovations at our house and you had to sleep in Orion's room a couple of nights. He is not sleeping through the night yet, so when he woke up, it woke you up, and you got up, patted him and tried to calm him down. I truly hope that you both are always this loving and close to one another. It is really special to watch!

Right now I am also loving bed time as usually it is a "mommy" night and I put you to bed. I know I should make this a faster process, but honestly, I love every second of it. We read one book (though you usually con me into more), sing one song (which you also con me into more), and then I pat your back for 5 minutes (which turns into 15), before you finally fall asleep (or I have been in your room for 30+ minutes and I say goodnight and leave). This is the time when you usually tell me your day and your stories of your palace and I love just snuggling with you as you fall asleep.

I am so proud to be your mommy and of all the things that you do! I just love watching you figure things out. I know I have used this word a ton, but you truly are amazing, my love!

As I say each night, I love you to the moon, to the stars, and to the planets, always and forever!