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Sunday, November 6, 2016

One year!


A whole year old, I can't believe it. This year flew, as I knew it would. I still can't believe it as I can vividly remember going in to have the embryo transfer that created you, and then that positive test that confirmed you were going to be with us, and finding out you were a boy, and then heading to the hospital for the c--section, and of course, the moment they lifted you up and I saw you for the first time. All those moment all feel like just yesterday. And now, here you are, a one year old, who loves to run, smile, and babble away!

This has been such an amazing year, tough at times as you still haven't slept through the night, but amazing. You are our happy little dinosaur. We are constantly stopped when we are out because people come over to talk to you since you are waving and grinning at everyone. Your preschool even nominated you as President of the class, because they call your Mr. Personality. :)

This past month you had your last first holiday which was Halloween. You were the Beast. Your sister wanted to be Belle, so we all dressed the party. I know there will not be too many more years where we can do that, so since you didn't seem to have an opinion on the matter, you were the Beast and the most adorable Beast I have ever seen!

You still love pretty much every food we have given you. A few things like green beans, you haven't loved, but for the most part you eat it all :) You have started to really love bread and potatoes though, which makes me happy as those are my favorites! Your sister doesn't love potatoes, so I am happy I can share it with you!

You are now running all over the place and trying to climb EVERYTHING! You are keeping us on our toes for sure. You love to explore and wander and make lots of noise as well. You also really love birds. You get so excited watching all the birds outside. It is fun watching you take in the world.

You are also babbling up a storm and "talking" a lot more now. You can say Mama, Dada, Aurora (rora), ball, and more (the word more). The rest at the moment just sounds like babbling, I know you think you are saying things, and soon enough, that babble will turn into words.

Sleep - this is the one area that you just do not want to do. Between being sick and teeth coming in and us trying to get you to sleep, it just isn't happening. Right now you are up 2 times a night. I pray you start to sleep soon as I do worry about my sanity sometimes! :) I know you will get there and sleep when you decide you are ready.

I am so thankful for this amazing year with you. I love you more and more each day my little dinosaur. I look forward to watching you grow and become a toddler this coming year and see more of your personality come out.

Love always and forever,