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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving is usually a time for family to get together and share a meal. Well when my husband and I got married our first thanksgiving was spent on our honeymoon. Since then we have decided that should be our tradition (not be on a honeymoon as awesome as that would be! but to spend it just with one another). This solved the drama of which family to choose to spend it with or having to drive 100+ miles to see both families.

So this year we again had Thanksgiving at home just the two of us. It was a perfect day! We made delicious food, watched movies, and just enjoyed each others company. Now while we are very happy with this arrangement, my in laws are less happy about it. They feel we should be there and are not keen on us having our own traditions. So in a very sneaky way my Mother in Law managed to have Thanksgiving 2.0 on Friday at our house. She called and asked if just her and her husband could come over on Friday to hang out. We said, fine. Then one sister was added, then the other. The suddenly 4 hours before dinnertime we found out the whole family (10 adults, 2 kids) were now coming at dinnertime expecting a meal. 

So we had Thanksgiving 2.0. We just bought some bread for sandwiches and put our leftovers out. I did not want to go overboard since feeding 10 people seemed a bit much with 4 hours notice and we did have leftovers. Overall, it was an interesting night filled with family and family arguing but it did remind me of thanksgivings of the past. 

I love our new traditions of a just us thanksgiving but I feel I will have to also learn to accept a thanksgiving 2.0, and I think I can. I mean we do get 2 days off of work. Next year, I will make sure my family is invited as well (too short notice this year to give my family a heads up) and we will just have the whole family day and all the drama that comes with it. That is what the Holidays are about right? :) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 Years

3 years ago I married my my best friend. The day started out terrible as there were wildfires everywhere and it was literally raining ash but I knew that no matter what was happening outside by the end of the day I would be with my best friend and love of my life and nothing could be better. We got really lucky and the wind died down and the ash stopped falling and we got a unseasonably warm November day and a beautiful sunset.

Everyone talks about how the wedding day is the best day of your life. And it really was an amazing day, I couldn't have asked for better but I feel like each day since gets better and better. I mean we have had our disagreements but I know at the end of the day I will look over and he will be there and all will be right with the world.

I can't believe it has already been 3 years. It feels like I was on that beach in Malibu just yesterday and yet here we are three years later, happier and more in love than ever! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


I have always liked the number 11. Most likely because I was born on an 11 and have grown an attachment to it. But I feel like the number 11 brings me luck so today being all 11 makes me feel that today will be a lucky day! It is already off to a good start because it is Friday! I am also going to visit my best friend who has finally moved home from being on the other side of the country. While I have to take the train because my husbands car is still in the shop it will give me time to read and relax!

So here is to hoping that 11.11.11 is a lucky day : ) We have only one more of these type of day's left 12.12.12 that we will see for a very long time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So last night was our first Halloween in our new house. It is the suburbs so I was really hopeful we would have a lot of trick or treaters! I decorated the house, set out all the pumpkins, and bought a TON of candy! I even put on my costume to get in the festive Halloween mood. Once all the happened I waited... and waited... and started getting a little sad since no kids had shown up yet.

My husband asked how many kids needed to show up for me to not be sad. I randomly said 20. It seemed like an ok number and realistic. Well we got exactly 20! While I wish we had more I can't really complain because we got the exact number I asked for! Those were a lucky 20 kids because they got big handfuls of candy!

Hopefully next year will bring more kids! We guess our house before had a reputation for not giving good candy so I am going to change that and make our house the one to go to!

On a side note: Still not able to drive my car as we still do not know what to do with my husband's car. It is still sitting in the shop and we know will cost at least $7,000 if not more. We looked at cars on the weekend but not sure what to get and if it is worth trading in and if we could really even trade it in. So still at a loss at what to do.