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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 Months Old!


Sorry, a bit late this month! But, better late than never, right? :)

This past month was the month of teeth! You went from almost no teeth to 4 teeth and two more on the way! It was a bit rough, but even when I could tell you were in pain, you kept that happy smile on your face (in between crying). I pray that after these two, you get a break, because it has been a tough month!

You are a mover and shaker! You get very cranky if you do not have the ability to run (or crawl). You are very quick with your crawling, but you also are taking more and more assisted steps. You are not as fast that way though, so you tend to switch back to crawling pretty fast. You are also a climber, I cannot turn away for a second, otherwise you are climbing up on something! I know the first steps are not far behind, and soon it will be running, and I will be chasing you and your sister everywhere!

You LOVE your food. You have eaten pretty much anything we give you. And you want more, more, more! I crack up at meal times all the time as you now like to bang on the tray and then wave your hand toward you as if saying, more, mama, more. And a few times, it sounds like you are even saying that! Your favorite at the moment though seems to be blueberries, and bread, you love bread. Anytime we give you something you like, you will drop whatever is in your hand, to pick it up. So, we have to slowly hand food over!

Sleep - elusive sleep. You almost got to sleeping through the night, and then the teething started and that ruined everything. So, hopefully, once the teeth are in and you have a break from that, we can get back on track with sleep, and maybe even sleep through the night?!!

You are a happy boy and love to wave at everyone walking by! You are mister personality. Everyone comments on how happy you are and your big smile. Now, you have started to do this little booty dance, which is just too cute!

I love you always and forever my little dinosaur!


Monday, September 19, 2016

3 Years Old!


I can't believe it, but somehow you are now 3 years old! I still vividly remember leaving for the hospital to have you as if it was yesterday, and now I look at your smiling, mischievous face and don't know how the time went so fast!

You are such a clever girl. I know that we are going to be in big trouble when you are older! You are already a master manipulator and are a pro and finding ways to get what you want. Just the other day, we told you that you couldn't bring a toy into the car. You took that and said ok. Then 5 minutes later, you said that you needed to bring the toy because Orion was crying and this would make him happy. So, clever, but we saw through you! Sometimes, we give in, like when you ask for another story at bedtime. Which you also found a work around. I would tell you, only two books tonight. I would read two books and turn off the light, you then ask for one more story, but with my voice. Clever girl again! :) I love watching how you find these ways around and watching your mind work.

I LOVE that you love to read. It makes me so happy seeing you sitting with a book looking through it. You are getting better at pointing out different letters. You tell us the all time that you can't read yet and are sad about it. So, we are working on it and I bet by the time you are 4, you will have some words down :) You also love going to the library and the bookstore, which are the best stores, so we go often. I love watching you choose your books, you like a wide variety so it is fun. I can't wait to start sharing some of my favorite books with you! :)

You are very verbal. So many people comment to us on how verbal you are. You crack me up with your stories that you tell, and especially all your hand movements! You are very expressive! At the moment, you are very big into putting your hands on your hips, which looks hilarious. You also tend to be a bit of a nark at school telling the teachers anytime someone doesn't listen. Which, on one hand I am happy you are following the rules, but I do worry for the future as kids don't tend to like being told on! We will see how this unfolds! You can now count to 20, say the alphabet, and sing lots of songs! You love to sing and dance. We just signed you up for dance and I can't wait to watch you!

It seems you have gotten my palate for food and therefore really hate vegetables. We try and try, but you refuse. I can't really blame you as I don't like them either, but I eat them or your benefit, so hopefully you will eat them soon. You are also the slowest eater ever! I thought I was slow, but you are like a bird just pecking at your food. Most meals, we have to remind you multiple times to keep eating, please eat, just one more bite, so on and so forth. We will see if this is just a phase or not!

One of the very exciting things you did this year was master the potty! Yay! We put you in pull ups early in the year and you did great with it! We could have switched you out earlier, but we had a big vacation and were worried so we kept you in pull ups a bit longer. But, once you made the switch to underwear, you went all in and declared you were a big girl and have rarely had an accident. Only two that I can think of and both times you were very distracted and knew you needed to go, but didn't want to leave what you were doing. You also have had only one at night time, which is also amazing. We are so proud!

You also have quite the fashion sense! I am not sure where it came from as it wasn't me! You love shoes and picking out your dresses and socks. You are very opinionated and your clothing choice each morning is one area you like to assert your self. We just let you wear whatever you choose as I don't care if you match or not, but you usually do and are really good at choosing outfits. Dresses are your favorite as you love to look pretty you say.

This year for your birthday, you were very lucky and had 3 parties. You said it was because you were turning 3, and I told you this year only! You first celebrated in your preschool class with Popsicle and you got a book for a present. You loved everyone singing and of course getting to have a Popsicle! Then, we took you to Disneyland for your birthday and you had Uncle Justin visit as well as Auntie Liz and Grandma and Grandpa! You were so excited! You rode Autopia with Uncle Justin and then a lot of rides with Auntie Liz! And then on your actual birthday, we had a party at the Library Park and had Rapunzel come and visit. You were in heaven. When she walked up, your face just lit up and you were in awe that she was there. It was so worth it for that right there!

I love you my amazing, bright, beautiful, clever girl! I can't wait to see what this year brings us. I know it will be an amazing adventure as everyday is an adventure with you! :)

I love you to the moon, the stars, and the planets, always and forever!