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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 Weeks!


You made it to the double digits! Time is going so fast! You had another big week this past week! On Thursday, you had your 2 month appointment! You are so tall, already 24 inches which puts you in the 97%! You also are now 11.7 pounds, which explains why mommy's back has been hurting more! You also had to get your first vaccines, which you did not like! It was one by mouth and 3 shots :( You cried during shots and daddy calmed you down. Then once we got home you fell asleep on mommy for a bit. You seemed ok until about 6 that night and then cried in pain! Mommy and daddy took turns rocking and comforting you until you finally fell asleep at 10! The next day you were back to your happy self!

Then on Sunday was your baptism! You wore daddy's gown from when he was baptized, mommy's shoes I had gotten from my grandma, and then a new bonnet your grandma got for you! You looked beautiful and did so well! You fell asleep before the ceremony and woke up right when the pastor put the water on your head. You almost cried but looked at daddy and just stared at him the rest of the time we were up there! You even gave a little smile during the prayer! Then everyone came back and to our house for dome lunch and to stare at your cuteness some more!

You have started to smile and laugh a lot more which is so fun! You also have moved into a large size diaper as newborn didn't fit anymore. These are a little too big now but you don't seem to mind. You are still found about 5 hours of sleep at night which is great!

Coming up this week is mommy and daddy's anniversary and will be your first time away from us! Not for long though, just for a movie, and you will be in the capable hands of grandma! I will probably freak out more than you! We love you so much our little Biddle!