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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

13 Weeks/3 Months!

This week is a twofer! A is 13 weeks old and 3 months old today! She is growing way to fast!

13 Weeks/ 3 Months - 12.3.13

Sleep: A is now fully sleeping in her crib! She is also sleeping more at night most nights. She did 2 nights where she went 8 hours! But I know not to get used to it because last night she was up 4 times so not consistent quite yet! She also has learned to roll to tummy during sleep Whig really freaks me out! And she keeps breaking out of her swaddled but the night we tried to leave one arm out did not go well!

Clothing Size: She wore a lot of 6 month this week! She is just so tall!

Favorite Toys/Activity: She loves to be part of he action. So as long as you ate holding her so she can see out, life is good! Still loves her whale toy as well. And her hands have become a new love of hers! She loves to suck on her fingers!

Milestones: Rolling to tummy at night! And sucking her fingers... Or anything she can get into her mouth!
Highlights from the Week: 
  • Thanksgiving! She had a great time with her ever changing outfits as we had been given three and we already bought one for her too!
  • Long car ride - Drove to San Diego to visit family. Did it as a turn around too so lots of car time! She did great though!
  • Decorated for Christmas :)

Favorite Mommy Moment: "Talking" with her is my favorite at the moment. She gets more and more vocal everyday! She has started to do this squeal laugh that is hilarious and always makes me smile.


You are the light of my life! Even these nights that you don't let me sleep at all, one smile from you and it is all forgotten! You are going to take after daddy I fear and be a wanderer! You just are so alert and want to see everything happening around you! So curious already and I love to watch you as you take it all in! You are growing so fast! Such a big girl this past month moving to your crib. You handled it way better than I did! I bawled like a baby :) not because I was sad but happy to see you doing so well and becoming this beautiful person already before my eyes! (ok I was a little sad too not to have you so close to me!). I only have one month left with you at home and I plan to get all the snuggles, cuddles, and fun I can get each day! I know I will still get that when you go to preschool but only morning and night which I fear won't be enough for me but I am sure like the crib, you will handle it way better than me! We love you more than I thought possible and each day it just grows more and more!