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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So yesterday was 6 weeks since giving birth and tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I filed for SDI (state disability insurance). I have yet to be paid... And Saturday I got a letter saying I won't be paid because for some reason they said my medical records indicate I am able to work and could have returned to work on September 10! WTF! One week after giving birth I was supposed to work... Yeah right!

So I try and fix this Monday. First email my appeal and once I submit I see they won't even review for 7-10 days. So I call my doctor to check with them... Oh wait their benefits person isn't in on Mondays. Ok, I will call SDI and see what I can do. I call get into wait line which last time was twenty minutes. Well this time a voice comes on and says, sorry we have reached capacity call back, and then hung up on me!

So today I will try again. I did speak to doctor and they said they would submit paperwork to say I wasn't cleared yet. We will see... Thank God I had sick time to supplement this so I at least still got paid something from work to pay my bills!