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Friday, July 1, 2011


I must have tasty blood because bugs love to bite me. I am glad that vampires aren't real because I feel they would want some of my blood too! Now, I find bugs annoying and I am not the biggest fan of having them around me but there only two bugs that I really hate, spiders and bees!

Bees really like me for some reason. I don't know what it is but they land on me ALL the time! I have had them go up my shorts (not cool little bees that is not your honey pot!), up my nose (I freaked when that happened and inhaled sucking the guy farther in before blowing him out and running away screaming!), and probably everywhere else on my body I could think of. Somehow I have been lucky enough though to only have been stung once. But it was horrific and quite traumatizing I do not want to ever experience it again! I was working at a Day Camp up at Rancho Del Rio and was serving dinner to the girls. We were actually inside a tent to be away from bugs but one very persistent bee somehow got in. He landed on my back by my shoulder and a girl saw and screamed, "PICKLE A BEE!! AHHH!" I stepped back to look at her because I didn't know where it was and in stepping back hit my back against the tent causing the bee to sting me. Now the sting probably wouldn't be so bad if it didn't happen where it did. They took me to the first aid area and realized it was swelling badly and so they decided it needed to be iced up... well to do that with the sting on my back meant they had to ace bandage this huge ice pack into my back therefore making me look like Quasimodo. To make it worse this was the one night of the DAY camp where we were actually spending the night at the camp with the girls... awesome, I have to now sleep on the ground with this and spent the whole night being called Hunchback of Notre Dame. Needless to say I am still not a fan of bees.

While on the subject and because I feel like it I will also share an embarrassing story about a spider. I lived in Australia for 2 years and while I love almost everything there is to that country I really hated their bugs. They were terrible! and the worst were their spiders! They have this one in particular called a huntsman that I really hated. Everyone said it was a nice spider, one of the good guys. Um... if its a "good" spider why is it called huntsMAN. Come on now... really, I don't buy it! Plus it's the size of my hand how can that be good! So anyways I was working at the preschool where I was a teacher and I go to the bathroom. Just doin my business and mind you this is an inside bathroom in the middle of a building... so I wash my hands, grab a paper towel, walk over to throw it in the bin, look up as I am throwing the towel away and AHHH literally 2 inches from my face was a huntsman! I SCREAM bloody murder and go running out of the bathroom, I can't even speak when the other teachers gather around ask what is wrong. I just point going Sp.. Sp... shaking the whole time. Finally, one of the other teachers go into the bathroom and come out LAUGHING! She tells the other oh it's just a huntsman, he won't hurt you. Aww, let's just put him outside. Like he was a bad dog that had gotten inside! This thing was evil I tell you and wanted to eat me and they just put him OUTSIDE! Craziness! They all thought it was hilarious and made so much fun me of! I tell you two weeks later at my house a huntsman showed up in our house and I know it was the same one. He came to taunt me with his little beedy eyes. And again my boyfriend at the time refused to get rid of him, he wouldn't even take him outside!! So for 3 nights I did not sleep as I swore he would come find me. Every morning I would get up and he would be in the same spot and I would just stare him down letting him know he couldn't get to me. After the third day he just disappeared. Hopefully to go torture someone else I haven't seen him again and hope I never do!