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Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part 2

I read Harry Potter in 97 when the first book came out and no one knew the boy with the lightning scar... now 14 years later it has come to an end. It was an amazing ride! 

We showed up at the theater last night and received our special HP 3D glasses to look like Harry's glasses. Which was a nice touch so thanks to whoever thought of that! You could feel the excitement in the air and everyone one was buzzing and as always I was highly entertained by some of the costumes :) 

I feel the movie did an excellent job! I made sure not to reread 7 beforehand though as I have done this in the past and then just spend the whole movie focused on what is different. Instead I read up to 7 and saved it for this weekend after the movie. There were tears at points and I am also so impressed with the actors who have really made the characters come to life. 

My brain is still a bit foggy from staying up so late and getting up so early for work so I will just leave it at the movie was epic and and era has ended.