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Thursday, July 14, 2011


OMG I had to kill a spider last night! For those that ready a previous post you are well aware of my spider phobia and I had to fight through that last night. I have a friend staying the weekend so I went to the guest room to clean up and wash the sheets. I start pulling off the sheets and flip over a pillow in the process. On the back of the pillow was a black ugly looking spider! I scream and freak and freeze (as if it is a snake and freezing matters)! I then begin to call for my husband aka spider killer and then remember he is out on business! NOO! So I stare at the spider some more resisting the urge to run and cry. I contemplate just walking out of the room and pretending nothing happened but I know if I do this that I will worry the rest of the night that the spider will crawl on my in the middle of the night trying to eat me or who knows what else it would get up to! So I spot a magazine in the room and decide this will be my weapon! I stare some more and finally work up the courage and smash it! Woo killed it... OH NO its not dead and now it is MOVING! OMG! I smash the magazine down again and press all my weight onto that magazine for a good 5 minutes! I finally feel safe to lift the magazine and see he looks pretty smushed. To be safe though I carefully without getting to close to the spider get him on the edge of the magazine and quickly walk as fast as I feel I can without dropping the magazine or potentially awakening the spider in a zombie state which can only be worse than its real state to the bathroom. I quickly flush him down the toilet and then flush again just to be safe. I then call my husband to tell him he has failed at his job which he tells me he is more than happy to give to me which I quickly tell him he is rehired as spider killer and to get home quickly!