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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comic Con 2011

It was amazing! I was sad that I only got to go for one day. I briefly thought I would be able to go for a second day as the guy working the ticket booth had pity on me and my sob story and told me I could get a ticket... I was thrilled, ecstatic! He then told me that I to get my ticket I had to talk to people at one other station. So i walked over there confident I was now going to get a ticket for the second day and not have to sit at home while my husband and friends enjoyed! I walk up to the girl working and say the guy at the other booth said I could have a ticket for Friday because... and explain my wonderful sob story. She looks up at me and just says NO. WHAT?! But, but... he said yes... he said I cou... please!? NO. The hope I had gained in the past 5 minutes came crashing down and I was now more depressed about it because I had been given hope that had now been taken away... sad, so sad. But the one day, the one glorious day I did have there was amazing!

We started the day out at the Breaking Dawn, Part 1 panel. I was actually pretty impressed with this. I have not been a fan of Kristen Stewart but she impressed me and was actually funny. I felt for her when a very pregnant woman asked her where she drew her inspiration to be pregnant in the film... she just had nothing to answer... she has never been pregnant and made it up! Robert Pattinson was actually very awkward and it was kinda funny! The previews they showed us looked good though my friend and I were discussing during the panel that we have no idea why it is 2 parts or where they are splitting it because this panel was only supposed to be on part 1 and they mentioned numerous times only on part 1 but we felt that what they described was almost the whole story... so that should be interesting!

We then tried to get into the Game of Thrones panel. We didn't realize that they did not clear out the ballrooms after each session so people were getting in early and staying put so after 2 hours of waiting we did not get in :( I was bummed but we decided to hit the showroom floor instead...

This room is MASSIVE! So much was going on and the people watching was amazing! :) We were wandering around and all of a sudden I look over and go wait... is it... maybe... yes it is Elijah Wood! He was just chillin at a booth! He is teeny tiny! It was not a stretch to make him a hobbit because he basically already is that size. It was crazy!

Then while wandering more and checking out the G4 booth that was filming X Play and getting an awesome Hunger Games pin and poster we here some commotion... over at the HBO booth the whole cast of Game of Thrones was signing autographs! WHAT! So we walk over and realize that only special people who were in a lottery got to get autographs but I can try to get close, right? The boys say there is no way I will make it to the front. There were at least 100 maybe even 200 people very tightly packed in front of me. I say I am trying and my friend follows. Somewhere halfway through I lose her but keep moving forward. The security is screaming to back up, threatening the fire marshal will make them leave and cancel this portion and there is mass chaos. I continue to weasel my way up the front. I am oblivious to what is going around me and am focused on the goal. My husband tells me that it was hilarious because he would see me pop up and then disappear closer and at one point security made a chain with their hands up saying get back  and I popped up behind their arms! I finally was there and was right in front of them! I made it! I look for Peter Dinklage because he plays one of my favorite characters and couldn't see him. There was a huge Lego Batman in front of me so I weasel a bit more and get to the side almost into the signature line not sure how I have gone unnoticed yet and suddenly in front of me is Peter. I yell to him and he looks up and smiles at me! This is what I was able to capture!

So great! Not only did I get a great shot of him but then he got with his cast mates and posed again for me! It was amazing and totally made my day! :) It was so fantastic and I cannot wait to go again :)