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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I had a professor ask one of my classes if you could live to 100 would you? I immediately raised me hand that I would. I realized that I was one of a few. Most were worried about being old, senile, etc but all I could think about was all the amazing things you would be able to see in 100 years. I think this is part of what draws me to vampires.

I have always been fascinated with the supernatural – in fact when I was a baby my mom took me to a store to pick out a stuffed animal. She thought I would choose a quite animal and instead I grabbed a green witch. She tried to convince me that this was not the toy I wanted and that I really wanted a cute animal but I wouldn’t let go of that witch and so she caved and bought it for me. I actually still have this witch at my house!

I think vampires fascinate me the most though because the fact that they are basically immortal. As long as they avoid the sun and stakes they are good to go for thousands of years. The things that you could see and learn in a thousand years would be amazing. To have been able to see history as it is happening and the new technologies that come along would be quite astounding!

As I stated earlier I have always been fascinated with vampires so please do not think I jumped on the “twilight vampire bandwagon” as I was a fan long before twilight! Though I do appreciate the recent vampire craze as it gives me a lot more material to read! But before twilight was Buffy who was just kick ass! But I was brought in for Angel (and no not just for his looks!) because he was a demon with a soul and the struggle he dealt with was so interesting to watch. Then someone introduced me to Anne Rice and her character Lestat I got lost in the 10 something books she wrote about him. Again, the history he saw, the struggle of being evil, or having to drink blood but not kill, all fascinating. He even can’t handle it anymore and attempts to kill himself to find out he is too old and sun won’t even hurt so how to deal with that. Yes, there was twilight as well but I was more fascinated by the family trying to go against their nature and not drink human blood. I find that this is a common theme with vampires and the story (at least the ones I like) are about them trying to save their humanity (see Being Human, even TrueBlood) and the struggle to not be evil and give in to what was thrust upon them.

My friends often ask me knowing of my vampire fascination if I would be one. This is a hard question to answer because first of all there are so many different rules out there of what it means to be a vampire. Would I still have my soul? Would I be able to go out in the sun? Would I remember who I was? My answer would depend on the answers to those questions, to which fantasy world rules we happen to be using.