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Thursday, June 30, 2011


One of these days I am going to be hit by a car. I feel it is inevitable if I continue to walk to work because people do not seem to pay attention when driving. Or worse they are and just seem not to care! I cross two streets on my way to work. One I jaywalk because there is no crosswalk anywhere near where I need to cross so I triple check before running across. That is not the area I worry about. I worry about the street where I cross in an actual crosswalk. Every day I check each way and if I see a car I look at them until I know they see me. They also do have a stop sign so should be stopping anyway. Once I see that they have seen me and I give a look saying - yes I am here and you need to stop and let me pass - then I start to cross. Most mornings this is ok and I don’t mind the occasionally bad looks of how dare I walk in a crosswalk and interrupt them being able to drive forward for 5 seconds. But at least once a week I get someone who sees me and I know they have seen me and rather than stopping at the stop sign as they should they speed up, stop briefly, and then run past to make it through before I can start walking. The guy this morning was even worse! He saw me and sped up to halfway through the crosswalk, looked over at me, smiled, and then gunned it through the intersection. He was lucky no one was coming the other way because he did not even check! My other favorite are the ones that start to creep through the intersection as I am walking so when I get almost to the other side they can pass by me quickly literally inches behind me! So I know I am just tempting fate every day I step out on that crosswalk!