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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

I had a lovely 4th of July yesterday. We hung out with my brother in law, sister in law, and my niece at our house just hanging in the pool and relaxing. It was quite a lovely day though hanging with my in laws reminded me of the last time I was with them on a 4th of July and it was not so lovely...

A few years ago my in laws all decided to go to San Diego for the fourth. It seemed like a good idea and started out well. My one sister in law announced to everyone that she was pregnant and everyone was in a good mood. The plan for the evening was to take a boat out onto the bay to watch the fireworks. So we all get into the boat and everyone is having a great time! Now, you need to realize that I have a tiny bladder. I have to pee all the time. Usually I can put it in lock down mode when I know I will not have access and that was my plan for this trip. But my friend who was along kept passing me drinks, cuz it was the fourth after all and you need to celebrate. So after 3ish hours I kinda have to pee. I ignore this and continue chatting and playing games and stop drinking assuming at some point we have to take a bathroom break. Well apparently everyone else was on lock down mode and there was no discussion of making a bathroom break. After another hour I am moving into the danger zone of really having to pee. I continue to chat making comments about having to pee and hey maybe we should stop by the bathroom before the fireworks start... no response. Another half hour goes by and I am in serious pain. This is not funny anymore and I am seriously contemplating jumping over the boat so I can pee in the bay. Of course this still gets no reaction from anyone but my husband and friend who think this is hilarious! They are actually begging me to just jump into the bay so they can see this happen... my in laws in the meantime are ignoring all of this and my pleas and continue to play games. I try the games thinking this will distract me... no such luck. Finally, when I get up my resolve to just jump into the bay, which I am not looking forward too because who knows what is in there and it is pitch black to prepare for fireworks my sister in law who is pregnant says... I kinda have to pee. And immediately we rush to the bathroom stop. Are you kidding me! Hours of pain and now because someone else has to pee we go to the bathroom! I would have been more upset but I was just thankful she mentioned it and we finally got to go to the bathroom. Also a lesson for future if I ever want something I need to convince her to say it and it will happen! So we make our way to the other side of the bay to the bathroom and it is taking forever! We finally dock and I stand up to jump over and instead everyone else stands in front of me and slowly starts to chat and make their way off the boat... WTF! I decide this is no time to be polite and push my way through and jump off the boat to the pier and sprint to the bathroom! I made it just in time and learned quite a lesson that night too.