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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am a very competitive person so after many failed attempts to diet/exercise on my own I decided to make a competition! It is just between my husband and I but we set monthly goals and prizes :) for whoever could lose the most. We are basing this off of % of weight loss since he could lose more than me and I feel guys lose it easier as well! We decided to have it go for 6 months for now so it will end November 1st and if he wins he gets a new sound system (boring!) but if I win we get to have a weekend getaway!

So, my coworker convinced me that I should join her for yoga twice a week. I started out not too sure about it. I am not very flexible and as majority of the people there were coworkers I was a bit self conscious. But in the spirit of competition I decided it could only help with my goal so I agreed. Well it has only been 3 weeks now (and I actually have only been making it once a week) and I actually am loving it! I am still pretty terrible at it but yesterday I actually was able to touch the floor! I don't think even in High School I could do that!

Plus, Tuesday is my weigh in day and so yesterday I had even lost another pound! This is the smallest I have been in over 2 years :) Granted I still have 20 pounds to go for my overall goal and to win the big prize!  I still haven't gotten my prize from winning last month but that's ok. I just like winning and being able to gloat to my husband! But I feel the addition of yoga to my weekly routine might be what helps me win the big prize in November.