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Monday, July 11, 2011

Geek Mecca

So next week I will be going to Comic Con for my first time. I am pretty excited about this as I think it will be very entertaining people watching! All the costumes alone will be fantastic entertainment! And the program just came out as well which is even more exciting as I now know all the cool things I can see including Game of Thrones panel, Breaking Dawn, showing of Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog, and much more. 

When I first heard I was going I was not to sure about attending. It was supposed to be a boys trip that ended up including girls. I am not one to miss out on things and I especially love people watching which this is sure to have! But as we have drawn closer I have found I am pretty excited to see what this is all about and if I some how run into Neil Patrick Harris or Nathan Fillion I will be in heaven those guys are amazing! 

I also am attempting to fit in and bought a "geek" shirt. The boys already have plenty but us girls decided we needed to fit in as well so we went on a mission to find shirts as well. I should be getting mine soon will be proud to show off being in the Evil League of Evil :)