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Friday, July 8, 2016

8 Months!


These months are flying by so quickly! So quick in fact, that I missed writing about month 7!

You are an absolute joy! I hear this from everyone, including random strangers that we see when we are out. Everyone loves the joy that just pours out of you. Even when you are sad, you still have a bit of a smile on your face. You are just my happy boy and I love it. My favorite though is that now you light up when you see me after I have been away at work. It is the best! Though, you also have now started to cry when I walk away, which is just heartbreaking!

You are also quite the mover and shaker. You are a pro at the army crawl and are SO fast! You have done a real crawl a couple times, but the army crawl works for you, so you seem content with that. You are also a climber. Anything you see, you try and climb up and over. This also has lead to you standing while holding things as well, and occasionally, when we hold your hands, you take a couple steps. Just testing it out, I think we still have a couple months before you actually take a step, but we will see!

You LOVE food! You have loved pretty much everything we have given to you. And you get upset with us if we do not feed it to you fast enough! We are trying to find more things you can feed yourself as well, as you enjoy that. You don't have any teeth yet though, so it is had to find things soft enough to give you. You do love the teething biscuits that we give you and the bananas and avocado. I keep waiting for your teeth to pop through as you act like they are coming, by gnawing on everything, but so far still just a cute gummy smile :)

You are still not sleeping through the night. We are working on this. At this point, I would just be happy with one wake up a night instead of the 2-3 times! Though, your schedule did get a little crazy due to our vacation, so we are working on getting back to it!

This past month you had a big adventure! We went on a family vacation to go to Auntie Liz's wedding and then to Disney world! It was your first time on a plane and you did really well. You just wanted to see everything and check out everyone. I was really impressed. You also LOVED meeting all the characters at Disney World. You gave them the biggest grins, it was so sweet to watch you interact with them, though you did try and eat Aladdin and Mickey's fingers! They thought it was hilarious! It looks like you are going to be a good traveler like your sister, which makes me excited for the family adventures that await us!

You also had another holiday occur, which was the 4th of July. This was a special one, because last 4th of July was when we found out that you were a boy! It was so crazy to think that a whole year has passed now since we found that out. It was so much fun playing in the pool (which you loved) and then seeing the fireworks (which you also loved) and just enjoying being together as a family.

I love you my happy dinosaur so much! You bring such a joy to our lives that I didn't know until you arrived was missing. I am so happy and feel so blessed that I get to be your Mommy.

Love you always and forever!!