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Monday, March 14, 2016

4 Months!

I am very late this month as I went back to work and life has gotten a bit crazier!


And here we are, another month has flown by! This month I just tried to soak up as much cuddle time with you as I knew my leave was coming to an end. I did have to go to some meetings already at work, and you just came along with me! Everyone doted on you and just wanted to play with you!

You continue to be such a happy boy! I love to see your cheeky grin! And boy do you have some cute cheeks :) You also have this adorable little chuckle that you do. Started to get out of the squeaky sound and closer to a laugh. Either way, it is adorable!

Sleep seems to go back and forth with you. Some nights you will only wake up once (though these seems to be less and less...) and other nights you wake a ton. I would like to go back to when you only woke up once, and I know you will get there. You are still in the bassinet by our bed, and the time for you to move to your crib is quickly approaching. I will be very sad when you are in your own room as I like having you by my side. But, I know it will be better for you to be in your own space and get used to your own room.

You are still an eating machine. You go about 2.5-3 hours between a feed during the day. We are working on stretching you closer to the 3 hour mark though! You also at the end of the month, started to get bottles consistently now that you are in daycare. I was nervous a first as they said you were not taking the bottle, but by the end of the week you had it done!

So, the big thing this past month was at the end and you starting daycare. I, of course, cried as I will miss our days together. But, I know you will have new friends soon and will love it there. Plus, you are so close by that I still come and see you everyday at lunch time :) I am very blessed that there is an on-site daycare!

You are also getting close to rolling over. You actually did roll over one-time, but haven't done it again. You are very good and getting yourself on your side, but just don't make that next little roll. I know you will get there though! You are quite the move though as you will wiggle yourself and get yourself where you want to be. Looks like a little inchworm going around!

Your sister is probably your biggest fan! She is always trying to make you happy. It is so great to watch you two together. You just light up when you can see her. I can't wait to continue to watch your relationship grow.

I love you so much my little chunky monkey! You make me so happy and I just love being your Mom! I love you always and forever!