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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 Months Old!


Sorry, a bit late this month! But, better late than never, right? :)

This past month was the month of teeth! You went from almost no teeth to 4 teeth and two more on the way! It was a bit rough, but even when I could tell you were in pain, you kept that happy smile on your face (in between crying). I pray that after these two, you get a break, because it has been a tough month!

You are a mover and shaker! You get very cranky if you do not have the ability to run (or crawl). You are very quick with your crawling, but you also are taking more and more assisted steps. You are not as fast that way though, so you tend to switch back to crawling pretty fast. You are also a climber, I cannot turn away for a second, otherwise you are climbing up on something! I know the first steps are not far behind, and soon it will be running, and I will be chasing you and your sister everywhere!

You LOVE your food. You have eaten pretty much anything we give you. And you want more, more, more! I crack up at meal times all the time as you now like to bang on the tray and then wave your hand toward you as if saying, more, mama, more. And a few times, it sounds like you are even saying that! Your favorite at the moment though seems to be blueberries, and bread, you love bread. Anytime we give you something you like, you will drop whatever is in your hand, to pick it up. So, we have to slowly hand food over!

Sleep - elusive sleep. You almost got to sleeping through the night, and then the teething started and that ruined everything. So, hopefully, once the teeth are in and you have a break from that, we can get back on track with sleep, and maybe even sleep through the night?!!

You are a happy boy and love to wave at everyone walking by! You are mister personality. Everyone comments on how happy you are and your big smile. Now, you have started to do this little booty dance, which is just too cute!

I love you always and forever my little dinosaur!