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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2 Months!


Happy two months my little chunky monkey! You are now already 12 pounds and 13 ounces and 23 and a half inches! You are quite the growing boy! You did awesome at your appointment today as you had to get 4 vaccines! You cried when it happened but calmed down pretty quickly and then just wanted to cuddle after which was just fine with me!

You are also becoming a good sleeper which really makes me happy! You were doing 11-5 and then we decided to start a bedtime routine for you at 8pm. This took a few days for you to get the hang of but last night was your best night yet!

This past month was one full of celebration as it was Christmas time! We did the Santa Train and you met Santa. You also went to Frozen on Ice which was really more for your sister, but you seemed to enjoy it. You had your first visit to Disneyland for our traditional Christmas Eve visit! We then celebrated Christmas at our house. And finally, New Years was night two of your new bedtime and you did not want to miss out on the fun of the holiday and refused to go down!

You are generally quite a happy little boy and give me lots of smiles now and your little squeaky laughs! Especially during diaper changes where I can get a lot of smiles out of you!

We are slowing getting into a routine. You are still eating about every two hours which is fine by me as long as you keep sleeping at night :)

Your sister is constantly loving on you and anxiously awaiting when you can play with her! I know it will be here sooner than I think!

I love you always and forever!