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Friday, October 7, 2016

11 Months!


How is it possible that you will be one in a month! Where did this year go! You are becoming such a big boy now. The biggest item this past month is that you are now WALKING! All month you worked up to it, you started to take a step here and there early on, but your first official steps where you took 3 in a row was on September 23. And you have taken more and more each day. Now you look like a little zombie when you walk as you hold your hands out in front of you. It is so cute!

You also love to eat ALL the things. You are our eater for sure. You have loved everything we have given you. We already have to get you kids meals, as you are eating so much at a time. You seem to really love bread in any form, so I think you will be like Mommy and a carbaholic :)

This month we also went Apple picking which was so fun! You loved looking through the trees and trying some apples. Now that you have 6 teeth, you are able to eat more things. Which these teeth all came in a flurry. It was rough for awhile while they came in, but you were great about it! I think more are on their way, so we will see how you handle it.

As also went to the beach this month and it was the first time you really played with the sand and saw the water. Last time you slept through it all in the carrier! You seemed to really love it, so I look forward to more trips as your sister loves it as well.

The one area we are still working on is your sleep. You still wake up a minimum of two times a night. I know you will sleep someday, I just keep praying it is sooner than later.

You are such a joy. This is what I hear constantly from the teachers at your school. Everyone comments on how happy you are. It makes me so happy to see your big grin and when you wave at everyone. And your laugh is such a sweet sound! I hope you keep this happy demeanor as it is infectious and just makes everyone around you happy as well!

You are also starting to say a few more words. Daddy and I swear we have heard you say: Ball, Aurora (rora), more, dog, and of course mama and dada. You are constantly babbling, so I know soon enough the babble will start to take on more words as well.

I love you always and forever!