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Monday, March 14, 2016

2 and a half years old!


You amaze me each and every day! I cannot believe that you are now two and half years old. It still feels like you were just a baby to me. And yet, you are now talking full sentences and have no problem telling daddy or I what you think! You feed yourself, are starting to dress yourself and basically have just become this little person over night.

I am so happy that you have continued your love of books. If we would let you, you would read 100 books each night before bed! But, that was taking too long, so we had to cut down our number of books :) Though you have gotten sneaky lately and will have us read you books and then once the lights are off for bedtime, you then ask for a story. You love to have us tell you Goldilocks and the 3 bears, The 3 little pigs, and Hansel and Gretel. You like to chime in as well with what happens next in the story. It is so cute when you do The 3 Little Pigs and do the Huff and Puff part and the chinny chin chin part. If I could read to you all day, I would!

You also seem to be taking after your daddy, and have grown an appreciation for playing board games. You seem to really like the cupcake game and you also like to "play" with some of daddy's games. I know he is so excited to be able to play games with you!

You found a new love as well, and that is Paw Patrol. You have become obsessed with Paw Patrol. So, we have watched that a few times! At the moment your favorites are Everest and Skye. You still enjoy watching Sofia the First as well. You have also started to want to watch some of the Classic Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Bambi, and Dumbo. I loved it when one night, you decided you wanted to get dressed up as Belle, and put on her dress. Then you came out fully decked out and requested to watch the movie. As that is one of my favorite movies, I loved watching you enjoy it! I love being able to share my love of Disney with you!

You also got to move up to the Preschool last month! You are SO excited to be in Miss Cheryl's class. Daddy and I had to convince the school that you should move up, but luckily, they realized how ready you were and agreed. So, the beginning of February, you officially moved to the preschool. You love being able to go on walks and field trips to the Fire Truck that is on campus. You are also with you friends again, which makes you happy. Ryder seems to be your best friend, though you guys seem to go back and forth each day on if you actually like each other or not! You also like to play with Ellie, Miles, Paul, and Layla. You are also doing the Tumble Bee Bus at school once a week. You LOVE being on the bus and playing and learning how to do monkey bars. I am so happy that they bring this to the school for you to enjoy!

You light up my world, Aurora. I don't get as much time with you as I used to, but I love our time each night when we go to bed. It is one of my favorite parts of the day, laying there reading you books and watching you fall asleep. I know I stay in your room longer than I should, but it is the only time I get with just you and I cherish it! I love you to the Moon and Back and always and forever!