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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Teacher

Last night I saw Bad Teacher. It wasn't the best movie I have ever seen but it did make me laugh out loud at a few parts and I love JT so any chance to see him on screen is ok with me! My husband was said the movie left him with a bad taste because the bad teacher did terrible, horrible things in the movie and still had a happy ending. She got a great guy, didn't get fired, and even got a new job! I thought about what he said and realized well at least it was real. Usually in movies the good guy always wins. In this one the "good guy" did not win but got sent to a school of troubled kids. Granted that character was very annoying so you didn't mind seeing her have to leave but she was trying to do the right thing and really wanted to help the kids learn. This is usually what happens in real life. I see people at work who don't do their job at all and yet nothing happens to them. Then you have those who are working their butt's off and get no recognition at all. That's life right! We gotta just keep smiling :)

On an entirely different tangent, Bad Teacher also made me reflect on my given career path. Since 4th grade I wanted to be a teacher. I loved working with kids and was really great at it. Even though I was the "mean teacher" because I shockingly made them follow the rules I found the kids respected this and I actually became a favorite and the boys who caused the most trouble always saved me a seat in the back of the bus - I felt so special! haha Teaching was always my plan but as I got into college I got distracted with many other ideas of what I wanted to do and changed my major about 5 times. After my 2 years in Australia I just wanted to graduate so I looked at what I needed the least of to graduate and did that - which ended up being Sociology. I then got a job at my University and have been here ever since! And I do love it and I love still being in an educational setting but its not the same as teaching. Maybe someday... ya never know!