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Monday, June 27, 2011


While growing up for many summers I worked as a Camp Counselor and my name was Pickle. Now I actually hate pickles! I got my name because I was doing something you shouldn't and was talking while eating and suggested to my Mom and my friend who were helping me pick a name and said Piglet (which isn't a great name either but I threw it out there!). They heard Pickle and thought it was great! I was horrified and I hate pickles and couldn't imagine being called that all summer. Well, the next day we had to tell the Director and my friends said her name is Pickle! And it stuck... so for 8 years I was called Pickle. I actually grew to love the name and of course as all counselors do we say that is our real name. I was asked many times by fellow counselors if I was sweet or dill which lead to a camper overhearing and thinking they had heard by real name! So many girls out there believed that my name was Dilia Pickle. 

I miss those days of camp. Especially on a day like today where the weather is beautiful and I am stuck in an office. To be back at the dunes doing arts & crafts with the kids while working on my tan! Which the best tan I have ever gotten (which means I was a normal color rather than blinding white!) was the one summer I worked as a counselor at the beach. 

Anyways, I share this story to explain why I named this blog Pickled Oiens. Pickle has become such a big part of my life even though I haven't been "Pickle" in many years. And now that I am married my new last name just seemed to fit and when I heard Pickled Onions the other day I thought hey - that sounds like my new last name! Could just be me that thinks its cool, but I don't care! This is for me anyways :) if others actually read it well I am glad. I have had a variety of friends start blogs and thought why not! Here no one will judge my writing and grammar (and if you do I don't want to hear how incorrect it is!) and I love to scrapbook and preserve my photo memories so why not my daily ones too. I am not sure what this will turn into but will give it a try!