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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So this past weekend was a very productive weekend! We painted out fence outside, took down a tree, bought a bed (yay!), and bought a table! We were on a roll and getting all these items that we have desperately needed and have researched way too much. We tend to over research items before we buy. Except for this... we were in Lowe's getting new knobs for our kitchen (which made a huge difference!) and wandered by the fans. We thought how we really need a new fan especially because we are getting a new table and knew knobs and the one one will not match. So we found one we loved and just bought. It was very impulsive and so not us to just buy something without thinking about it for a really long time. For example, we searched for a new bed for a year before finally buying one this past weekend! So I am not kidding when I say we overly research. So we take our new fan home all excited to get it up and once we put it up realize our great mistake. We have a low ceiling. You can't tell in this picture but the blades of the fan are very low. They come to about my Husband's neck so if it was on and he walked by it would attempt to decapitate him... this is a problem. We were so upset because we loved the fan but I do appreciate my husband's head on him so we called Lowe's to see about returning. Luckily they have an excellent return policy and we took it down and packaged it back up and returned it for a full refund. We now have an empty whole in our ceiling and the power off to that section. So hopefully this decision does not take a year like the bed but lesson learned: Do NOT buy on impulse! At least when it comes to major fixtures!