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Monday, August 1, 2011

Goal #14

Goal #14 for 30 for 30 - Read 150 books

I read fast. I am often doubted on how fast I read and when I was talking to a friend about goals they said I should have a goal on reading. I wasn't planning on doing this but then they said they doubted I could actually read this amount and that it would be impossible. Well I am never one to back away from a challenge so I agreed to make it a goal! I will also start tracking the books I read to show that I have been reading. I will also blog about each one to prove I read it as friends are terrible and think I lie to them about actually reading - which is just silly because what would be the point! But it sounds like a fun challenge and I look forward to it :)

And of course to start off I am reading a Dance with Dragons, which is a 1,000 page book (which I feel should really count for more than one)!.