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Monday, August 15, 2011


So we have been on a home improvement kick as of late because we felt that we hadn't really moved in yet. We had been renting our whole lives and realized we were still in "renters" mentality that we couldn't make changes and why bother because we are moving soon anyways (we tended to move every year). We felt it was finally time to actually move in and make our house a home :)

It has been pretty entertaining and while a lot of hard work it is very satisfying work! We almost finished our fence this weekend and we would have finished but we bought all the paint from Home Depot and have to wait until Thursday until they get the next shipment! We put in our new ceiling fan (one that doesn't try and decapitate my husband!), and new knobs which make the space look to much better now that we have gotten all the gold out! I also went a bit crazy at Home Goods and got these great centerpieces for our new table!  And to top it off  we bought these fantastic teal chairs for the counter bar area! It finally feels like us and I feel at home now!

We just have one final piece in the main room and that is removing the hideous wallpaper! Once that happens we will have completed one whole room! Next project will be to finish outside and then move on to our bedroom! :)