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Friday, August 5, 2011

Another reason why...

I love my Kindle! I never thought I would convert as much as I have to loving the kindle but I am constantly finding new reasons why it is amazing! I will always buy some books so when the 5th book came out in The Song of Fire and Ice Series (Game of Thrones) we bought the book. The book is massive and so heavy! I only have 400 pages left in it (out of 1100!) so I decided I would bring it with me to work to read at lunch. Well that would be great except I walk to work… by the time I got to work my back was killing me from all the extra weight! Plus it is harder to read and eat because I can’t hold it in one hand like my kindle! So while I am happy I have the book to showcase in my bookshelf… it made me appreciate my kindle all the more!