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Monday, September 26, 2011

Modern Family

So last week's second episode of Modern Family was a little close to home. One of the major plot points was that Claire has to always be right. While watching my husband looked over and told me how that was so me!

Now just like Claire said, "I would love to be wrong, but I don't live with the right people for that."

Actually, it is more like at the end where she said it is a sickness. I can't help myself I just need to prove that I am right! I know I got this from my mother who also has the need to prove herself right. Yet, when I was with her this weekend and they were all making fun of me about having to always be right (and calling me "bossy" the name given to Claire as a nickname) I tried to point out to my mother it came from her. She disagreed and we argued over who was right.

My husband then pointed out that we were fighting over who was right about being right... point taken!

Whether it be a sickness or the company I keep I just can't help it. But hopefully like Claire was at the end of the episode (and not the middle when she told everyone to suck it) I can be gracious when I am right and not rub it in their face like she did with Luke... though I will probably have more "suck it" moments but its a work in progress :)

Claire proving she was right by showing the video footage  from the store where  Phil made her fall.