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Monday, September 19, 2011


Wow last week was such a crazy week I had no time to blog! Hopefully after all the craziness of last week this week will be much calmer.

It has now been a week since I have taught my first class. I was so nervous beforehand and it felt just like the first day of school, which it actually was, but now on the other side! Would the students like me, respect me, listen to me, learn from me? I questioned myself the whole walk over to the class. Once I got there I realized I was the only one there. I had a panic attack and double checked the classroom location... no I was in the right place and right time and day... waiting... waiting... finally at 7pm on the dot two students showed up. Phew sign of relief I was getting very worried that my nightmare of no students showing up was going to be true!

After about 5 minutes the rest of the class showed up and I began. This class is also interesting because I have a student who is blind in my class and so I was nervous that I would have forgotten to provide something to her or my information would not be compatible with their software but luckily everything worked out!

The class went by in a blur and suddenly it was over! I couldn't believe it I had just taught my first class and the students were all great and we got into discussions and they didn't even balk about the extra assignment I gave!

It was actually on quite a high when I left the classroom that night and felt so good and accomplished. This was a goal I had for myself for ages and now I am actually teaching. Granted it is just one class at the moment but it is a start :)

Looking forward to my next class now!