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Thursday, September 1, 2011


To Vaccine or not to Vaccine... that is my question. My sister in law has texted the family twice now demanding that we get the Whooping Cough Vaccine. The last text she sent said she needed confirmation of our vaccine, whatever that means. Now I personally am not a fan of vaccines. I never get the flu shot one and only get them when my doctor says I have to do it and I only do it then because basically I am already in the office and have little choice (yes I know I do have a choice but it is hard to say no to the doctor).

I also do not cope well with being demanded to do things. It wasn't like she asked us nicely to get it or told us anything about the vaccine. She just said you have x amount of time to go get it. Oh and if you do not get it you are not allowed into the hospital to see the baby.

Since she did not provide any reason for me to get this vaccine (other than the threat of not being able to see my nephew) I did my own research. Everything I have read stated that the parents and the caregivers should get it. I am neither in this case. I will be an Aunt and will see the baby maybe once a month. In fact the baby will see the people at church more than they will see me... and I do not think she is telling the whole church to get the vaccine. I also have spent time around a 13 day old baby and a month old baby and neither parent was worried about me not having been vaccinated. This is will be their second child and we did not need to get the vaccine for the first child...

So, maybe I am being ridiculous in not wanting to get the vaccine but I don't. Unless my doctor tells me too I do not feel inclined to get it. Now, again I might have a different opinion if we were approached in a nice way by saying why we should get it and how they would appreciate us getting it as they were concerned for their child... but instead I just got a demand which doesn't make me want to follow through at all. Also, by not getting it I know I will cause serious drama within the family because everyone else will just do it. I do not want to cause drama and have my in-laws dislike me but I also do not want to just cave and go against something I disagree with.

So to vaccine or not to vaccine... that is my question.