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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am normally very particular about who I let borrow books. I have one friend at work who we swap books all the time and she is aware of sacred books are. One day when I was getting a book back from my friend her office mate asked if she could also borrow it. Now she had just seen me get the book back from my friend and the person asking is also someone I work with a lot and I did not want to be rude so I said yes... that was a major mistake!

My first mistake was the fact that it was my first edition hard back of The Hunger Games. I normally never lend those type of books out but my friend who again understands the sacredness of books was worthy of borrowing it because I knew she would return it in a timely manner and keep it safe.

So I lend the books to the other coworker and some time goes by...

I am in a meeting in their office again and the coworker says - oh someday I will finally read your books but my mother and daughter took them first... WHAT?!?!!?!?! It took all of my self control to not jump up and go bat s**t crazy! You lent MY book to OTHER people!! WHAT!!!!??!

So after some time when I had calmed down I decided I needed the books back ASAP as I could not handle it anymore. You do not take my books for a month and then never read them but lend them out to other!! So I email and say I need them back because my husband wants to read them (which is true).

She tells me oh... I lost The Hunger Games... WHAT!!?!?!!?

First off she didn't tell me she had lost it. Second, she said she had a paperback she could lend me if my husband wanted that... UM I do not want a paperback I WANT my FIRST EDITION book back! So I keep it together and say he doesn't need the paperback... she says she will order a new one...

Time passes and I got super crazy at work and did not have time to think about it.

Yesterday, she walks into my office with a hard cover Hunger Games book. Oh the book I ordered for you came in and then my daughter found yours so here ya go.

I wait till she leaves and then check... yup first edition! whoo! I will never loan a book again! (Rant over :))

Ok I did already because someone at my husband's work asked and he told her the story so she wants to prove her worth. So I lent a book I do not care if I get back and she actually returned it in a timely manner... so we will see about giving another!

Lesson: Do not give First Editions and only lend to those you trust! :)