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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Flip Cloth Diaper Review

So I have been doing cloth now for almost 4 months and thought it would be helpful to review some of the items I am using! :)

Currently, we use a diaper service so they provide the prefold diapers and we have to provide our own covers and wetbags. I like variety so I have quite a few different types and want more... haha

This first one I will do on the Flip diapers. I actually bought a set before A was born which included 2 covers and 6 inserts. On our laundry day, I decided to use the inserts myself to see how they worked and if I liked them as we are considering stopping the service and delving into doing it ourselves!

Out of all the different covers I have these ones are probably one of my least favorite. The reason for that is because I do not like how they do the snaps vertically. I have some other covers like best bottoms where the snaps go horizontal and I prefer that. I also feel that the flip covers are very wide and they do not have the double gusset that some of my other covers have which contains messes very nicely! Now, I will say that I really disliked these when A was young but as she has gotten older they have started to fit a bit better but are still seem a bit too bulky for me. I do like that they easily wipe clean between uses and are very easy to wash and hang dry.

The inserts are microfiber with a stay dry suede on top. I did find these to be very absorbent and the stay dry was true to its word! It was a very different way to change from the prefolds which are always soaked. When I changed her I could tell it was full but I could barely feel the wetness touching her. I bet she appreciated it too! The inserts were much faster to change than a prefold (as we still use a snappi and fold versus pad folding) though I did find that they moved and bunched a bit which I did not like.

She just happened to not go number two when I was using these so I was not able to gauge how well they would hold up in that aspect. The reason we do not padfold is because when we tried the covers always got dirty which defeated the purpose of reusable covers!

Washing them was very easy and didn't seem to have any issues the first time. Again, no poopy diapers so can't speak to that yet but the process was pretty easy.

Overall, they worked much better than I thought and did like the stay dry part of the inserts. They were faster to change than what we currently use but still seemed bulkier even with the insert versus the prefold. Actually, with the insert it seemed more bulky in between her legs than it normally is with prefold. These are great for my diaper bag as a back up cover!